Could Douglas County, Colorado make School Choice Mainstream?

Casey Given, policy analyst from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, writes in the Daily Caller about Grunt’s county, and their historic reelection of a school board that has done the unthinkable and pried their schools from the claws of the teacher’s union.  Will it be a trend?

school-outsideFollowing Tuesday’s gubernatorial vote, the national limelight continues to shine on Chris Christie and Terry McAuliffe’s victories and the major implications they may have on 2016’s presidential landscape. As a result, another important electoral result west of the Mississippi has sadly been overshadowed by the post-election punditry. What just happened in one local Colorado school district could have major implications on the future of education reform across the country.

Tuesday night, the voters of Douglas County, Colorado reelected all four incumbents of their school board. While such a news story may seem like just another commonplace occurrence of local politics confined to the front page of the Denver Post, this election was anything but typical. It’s not every school board race that hundreds of thousands of dollars are donated from major national players like Jeb Bush, Michael Bloomberg, and the American Federation of Teachers. But that’s precisely what happened in Douglas County when union interests attempted to oust four board members whose education reforms can only be described as historic.

Why is Big Labor so upset? There are a number of reasons, not the least of which being the fact that the school board refused to renew a teachers’ union contract for what seems to be the first time in American history. The underlying theme is that the Douglas County School Board dodged all of the obstacles commonly thrown at education reformers to successfully extend school choice to every child in its jurisdiction.

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One Response to Could Douglas County, Colorado make School Choice Mainstream?

  1. Why Colorado was made ground zero for Common Core and the education fight is unclear, but Michelle Malkin explains some of it, and some of the good news.

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