Open Thread, Thursday 7 November 2013

Mouse Deer.

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22 Responses to Open Thread, Thursday 7 November 2013

  1. texan59 says:

    h/t IOTW.

    • Pull, aim n shoot! There is simply no common sense anymore. Or more realistically, we are being subdued and our freedoms taken away! There will be no room for mistakes in life, especially a young distraught teen whose has broken up with a sweetheart. Keep your hormones in check or DIE!!! Because there is no WISDOM in leadership anymore!

      • I agree, completely. Armed citizens who use firearms to defend themselves must prove that they were in immediate danger of death, and in some cases, like George Zimmerman, even that’s not enough. But police now seem to be operating under the assumption that it’s ok to shoot an unarmed person simply for failing to obey an order immediately. When did that ever become part of the training?

        ‘Nother subject: Why do writers sometimes refer to 18-19 year olds as “teenagers?” Is a 19-year-old not a man? Since when? He can vote and go to war, and if our legislators had any sense, he could buy beer, too. It just seems strange to me, that’s all.

  2. freedom1781 says:

    Hey, Grunt! I’ve been asked by the Colorado Press Association to judge and analyze ads and advertising campaigns from their newspapers. I’m brutal so they may regret asking me. πŸ˜‰

  3. freedom1781 says:

    I just finished looking at the election night results on the VA State BOE website. It seems that E.W. Jackson’s strategy of putting his face on all campaign banners did not garner many votes from blacks. In areas where there are more blacks than whites, Northam beat out Jackson, proving me right in my argument with my husband that blacks will almost always vote for a white Dem over a black Repub. So, now when I hear the bogus raaaaacism claims coming out of people’s mouths regarding the Tea Party, I’m gonna turn it around on them. I’m itchin’ to do it.

  4. texan59 says:

    Well this is interesting. The new mayor of NYC is married to a former lesbian. That sure checked a lot of boxes. πŸ™„

  5. Pistol Pete says:

    NYC Mayor-Elect De Blasio Promises to Wipe Out Crisis Pregnancy Centers
    The voters of New York have spoken…now they must be punished

    • Never ever judge! And never ever judge by what goes on in public or what the media portrays or what anyone does! God alone understands and knows the intentions of each one of us! By their FRUITS you will know them! Everything else doesn’t really matter much to me. If a man/women wants to be a good Christian then by all means act like a Christian! Speak like a Christian! Love like a Christian! Sacrifice like a Christian! Live like a Christian! Have Faith like a Christian! Trust in God like a Christian! Turn the other cheek like a Christrian! For God’s sake just do what Christ asked us to do!……no matter what!

  6. Did they really fire someone over this? Was it because they were joking about women drivers, or ObamaCare or because they were dumb enough to let it get displayed publicly? If they’d made the same mistake with a test message that made fun of Christians, would it have been ok?

    • All this public crap is just that, crap! I don’t care if you have got it or not! If you don’t have God in your life, what the ^%^&*((* is any of this good for??? Really! Gossip, gossip, gossip, blah…blah….blah…etc…. and you wonder why Elvis used to shoot his TV’s??? Go figure!

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