Final Toast to Doolittle’s Raiders

Guest Posted by Pistol Pete.  Originally posted here.

I would be remiss if I did not add my totally inadequate tribute to those who preserved our way of life by defending us from foreign tyranny in two world wars.  I am heartbroken when I think of all the pain and hardship those who came before endured  to keep us free and strong only to have her weakened and debased by liars and thieves that turned away from God and seek to diminish us for their own personal power.  This thread is not about politics.  It is about those who displayed unmatchable valor against impossible odds and prevailed.

In April, 3 of the last 4 surviving members of the famous 1942 raid on Tokyo led by James J. Doolittle met for the last time on the 71st anniversary of their infamous raid.  It was about 6 months after Pearl Harbor and the nation was hungry for some positive news.  The raid itself didn’t do a lot of physical damage,but the emotional blow to the Japanese and the morale boost to Americans was incalculable.

There are 80 engraved silver goblets, each engraved twice.  At each reunion, the living drank a toast while the deceased had their goblets displayed upside down.  The final toast was from a bottle of vintage 1896 cognac that was given to them by their late commander Doolittle.

The curtain is coming down on a breed of hero we’ll never see again.



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