Sorry… suckers!

Now that everyone is finally aware that Barack Obama was lying through his teeth when he assured us — repeatedly — that his health care “reform” would not affect our existing medical insurance, apparently someone decided it would be good PR for the prevaricator-in-chief to at least appear to be sorry for all the devastation his stupid law is causing. Here’s what passes for an apology with this clown:

This is the sort of “apology” you get from a petulant brat who’s been caught red-handed, and is sorry he was caught, sorry that people are upset with him, but not at all sorry for what he’s done. And don’t you love the way Barry talks about people “finding themselves in this situation,” as if it were no more than an unfortunate accident, something no one could have foreseen or prevented? It’s certainly not his fault that you “find yourself” without health insurance due to a behemoth thousand-page law that no one read before voting on, that conferred upon an unelected cabinet secretary near-limitless power to dictate and control what used to be your private health care decisions.

To translate Barry’s non-apology into plain English:

“I’m sorry to hear that you peasants fail to appreciate this terrific new program that The Party has created for your own good. I’m even sorrier that your irrational anger over the termination of your old insurance policy — the one that didn’t cover all the things The Party believes it should cover — has led to a drop in my approval ratings. You ignorant serfs really need to learn to leave important matters of policy to your betters. The Party knows what’s best for you. So trust us, and shut the hell up.”

For further enlightenment:

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  1. Thanks, Bob!

    From “Razor”‘s twitter feed, via iotw.

  2. ttomm46 says:

    Obama The Closet Communist,,

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