How long can he tread water?

At first I thought this might be a spoof, but it isn’t — it’s the actual cover of The Economist dated 11/23/2013. And The Economist is pro-Obama and pro-Obamacare! With supporters like these, who needs detractors? (You can read the cover story here, if you really want to.)

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5 Responses to How long can he tread water?

  1. barnslayer says:

    I always wondered if he was a sinker or a floater.

  2. It’s obvious from the second paragraph of that story that The Economist is left-leaning. Donkey doo from top to bottom. “Inherited two miserable wars” … no mention of how the war in Iraq was won by Bush, Obama has made no progress in Afghanistan, and oh wait … he got us involved in Libya without Congress’ approval and nearly got us into a shooting match with Syria. “Worst recession in 80 years” … no mention of how Democrats engineered it and picked when it would go boom so as to benefit the 2008 elections for their ticket. “Republicans … flirted recklessly with default” … oh please … the exact same Democrats who scream the sky is falling were calling those same Republicans reckless for wanting to raise the debt limit when Obama was in the Senate. “Handle the Republicans” … snort, it sounds like the GOP is a bunch of juvenile delinquents who need their heads cracked, when what they are is representatives of half the nation who have been shut out of negotiations and told over and over and over again that they should shut the hell up … unless something the Democrats did goes wrong and then they should bend over and accept blame.

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