Open Thread, Wednesday 27 November 2013



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37 Responses to Open Thread, Wednesday 27 November 2013

  1. zmalfoy says:

    If you want a peek at C/2012 S1 ISON, the S0 have a like catch at the beginning of this:

    • zmalfoy says:

      This guy is more my speed this evening: Thor presents Comet c2012 S1 Ison

      • When are we suppose to see this thing again by eye? Where do I look in Hawaii

        • zmalfoy says:

          I would say. . . starting in a week? 2? around sunrise or sunset. Find where the sun is either coming up, or going down, and then start scanning north. It will be closest to earth around Dec 26th and 27th, when it will be just east of due north, so by then we should have some good night-time viewing. After that it will be going out, so nighttime viewing, but fainter and fainter.I need to update my planetarium program to get any more specific. . .

  2. Harvey says:

    Fortunately, my Thanksgiving visitors are of like minds and won’t try to convince me that Obamacare is “Grrrreat.” But if you are faced with a doctrinaire Obamacare supporter, may I suggest that you don’t get into a debate – just insist that they show you all the good features of the website. Make it crash ๐Ÿ™‚

    • barnslayer says:

      Have them show you that they actually signed up and saved money. Wish them good luck if they ever get something serious medically.

  3. Harvey says:

    Evie Hudak (femling extraordinaire) is resigning rather than face recall. This keeps the Colorado Senate in Democrat control.

  4. Pistol Pete says:

    Tex,if I may;you probably know this ad will run on 12 TV stations in Texas tomorrow during the parades and the NFL games.Just fYI,if you were not aware.

  5. Here’s some disgusting animations that you should definitely NOT see just before Thanksgiving. But you know Pete will post them over on PN tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜€

    “Twerky” for Thanksgiving…


  6. ATRS has a caption contest that is producing some funny sh*t for this photo of Bibi and Barry.

    Some of my favorites:
    “I pray and I pray. I leave my prayer at the Wailing Wall, and still this guyโ€™s walking around!” – Bitterclinger

    “If he tells me that this deal will allow me to keep my country, itโ€™s over.” – CarolinaKeith

    “Now I totally understand that internet โ€œSCoaMFโ€ thing.” – Menderman

    “Wow! Jarrett is good! I canโ€™t even see her arm up his ass.” – Stranded in Sonoma

    “We need faster-acting Polonium.” – Haaswurth Books

    “I can look straight through his ears and see the wallpaper on the other side of the room.โ€ – Aaron Burr

    “The size and the shape of those ears could revolutionize the windmills on our kibbutzes.” – William

    “I think he tingles his own leg!!!?” – William

    “I used to think Putin was full of himself!” Golly G. Willikers

  7. texan59 says:

    I want to wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving. Some out there may be going through trials and tribulations. Others are on top of the world. Let none of us diminish either condition. Letโ€™s all give thanks for what we have and pray for those in need. God bless you all, and please be safe if youโ€™re traveling.

  8. barnslayer says:

    Be careful everyone:

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to All Of Our Family here at 4GFC!!!

    The Canticle of the Creatures
    Most High, all-powerful, all-good Lord,
    All praise is Yours, all glory, honor and blessings.
    To you alone, Most High, do they belong;
    no mortal lips are worthy to pronounce Your Name.

    We praise You, Lord, for all Your creatures,
    especially for Brother Sun,
    who is the day through whom You give us light.
    And he is beautiful and radiant with great splendor,
    of You Most High, he bears your likeness.

    We praise You, Lord, for Sister Moon and the stars,
    in the heavens you have made them bright, precious and fair.

    We praise You, Lord, for Brothers Wind and Air,
    fair and stormy, all weather’s moods,
    by which You cherish all that You have made.

    We praise You, Lord, for Sister Water,
    so useful, humble, precious and pure.

    We praise You, Lord, for Brother Fire,
    through whom You light the night.
    He is beautiful, playful, robust, and strong.

    We praise You, Lord, for Sister Earth,
    who sustains us
    with her fruits, colored flowers, and herbs.

    We praise You, Lord, for those who pardon,
    for love of You bear sickness and trial.
    Blessed are those who endure in peace,
    by You Most High, they will be crowned.

    We praise You, Lord, for Sister Death,
    from whom no-one living can escape.
    Woe to those who die in their sins!
    Blessed are those that She finds doing Your Will.
    No second death can do them harm.

    We praise and bless You, Lord, and give You thanks,
    and serve You in all humility.

    -St. Francis of Assisi

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