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  1. Pretty. Where is it? Very far north, it looks to be.

    • Not sure, LoR. I gotta look up the article and get back to ya. Hang on, please.

    • Well, this is embarrassing, but I cannot locate the info about this shot. It was off, I think, but they don’t make it easy to find past features, so your guess is as good as mine. I would agree that it’s probably somewhere north, like Norway (Lofoten?) or the Alaslan pan handle. But it could be south, instead. NZ south island. Falklands. Cocos. Who knows?

      • It is beautiful. If I could afford to just go off on a whim I would aim for a summer trip to that place.

        • Lloyd’s do you ever wonder what or why you are here on this blog? Maybe, just maybe something is calling you to stay for awhile? Find a place where you can call home and be a part of something that may be bigger than all of us? Just a thought to ponder?

          • 🙂 Thanks for the thought. This blog is unique (a number of guest bloggers, it seems) and am learning more about it. My passions and energies lend themselves to intense projects of various type and occasional rants, but at my core I am a deeply devoted Christ-follower, but I have kept my own blog fairly neutral, for the most part.

            I try to keep my life be more God-led/Biblically responsive, and less “reactionary” than I was in years past. Yet, I identify strongly with, and am moved by, people such as Keith Green, Leonard Ravenhill, C.H. Spurgeon, George Whitefield, C. S. Lewis, Ravi Zacharias, Ray Comfort, Ken Ham and others like them. I recently discovered – love it! I may even break my usual cheapskate rule and join.

            As distressing as things are becoming, I seek to keep a long-term/prophetic/eternal perspective to help me accurately assess my true responsibilities and priorities during my sojourn on earth. Some find that really annoying, but that doesn’t change me. Is this the place for one like me?

            BTW, this is the sort of thing I enjoy finding.

            • Oh, we’re much more annoying than that here. 😀 But we’re small – maybe even smaller than the commenting community on your excellent blog which has been around probably longer than us. But you are welcome to be a part of this community of overt believers, just as I know you are over at our sister blog, PoliNation, and maybe elsewhere, like BoB’s site. We appreciate your blog, BTW! I need to start reading you more often. Great material over there.

              Oh, quick question about Ken Ham. Is that the Australian guy who writes about creationism? I’ve read one of his books, and that’s a pet topic of mine, as well. What do you like about his work?

              Also, I approve of your YouTube video on the cure for anxiety, which is also a big deal for me. Good pick!

              • Yeah, that’s Ken. Gotta love those Aussies and their style. Speaking of style, have you listened to the Kiwi Ray Comfort? Funny guy! The creation issue appeared in my life around ’86-88 when some people mentioned them dispargingly. I asked what they about their evidence and all I heard was emotion and name calling, so I decided to get the facts. It was ICR I found, and I was impressed because their evidence and answers were SOOOO much better. I used to try to make the Bible match science, but I have made a complete switch, and it is all my kids know (and they know it well!) so they laugh incredulously at the modern scientific mythology.

              • LoR, if you don’t mind, I’m going to transfer this conversation to today’s OT thread, because I’d like to talk about this more. Please look for it under “Open Thread 4 Dec.” Thanks!

    • “Joining the military in 1967 was like walking into a Porta-Potty on the second day of a music festival — you know you’re going to see some shit.” 😀

      “It was at this point that two dumbasses attacked Bleak with fixed bayonets. Bleak grabbed them both and smacked their heads together, Three Stooges-style. Hey, we weren’t there — this is what witnesses swear happened, and we won’t doubt them. Mainly because we don’t want this guy’s ghost to come back and beat the shit out of us.” 😆

    • zmalfoy says:

      That is so awesome. . . 😀

    • texan59 says:

      Dayum!!! 🙂

    • zmalfoy says:

      Hmmm .. . Originally from Beforeitsnews, so. .. but still, looks like some pretty solid basic research . . .

    • What A Hoot says:

      Wealthy, elite, up-and-coming blacks in Detroit in the late 1990’s, and I would imagine Chicago the same way, placed elaborate announcements in the the social sections of the newspapers with professional pictures similar to engagement and descriptive wedding announcements. This was not data compilation by a newspaper but reader submitted. Guess none showed in Chicago papers for the Obama births? Baby dedications at a big church like the one they attended that comprised of ‘the black urban professional’ would usually have had name-dropping lists and postings in the church bulletins, papers, and/or websites of baby dedications. Again, none for the Obama girls?? Surely, any of the other babies dedicated in the same batch as the Obama babies would be a bragging, with bulletin proof, that they were dedicated with one of the girls? Maybe their church did no such ceremony. Yeah, that is it. Also, the WH is the first time the Obama’s lived as a family. Barack and Michelle/girls did not live together for years. The bookmarks I have to old articles and timeline showing they did not actually ever live as a family, in the manner of the stories told, in Chicago no longer work. Simply gone, gone, gone. When I track down the timeline to show such I will followup with a link. They also take separate vacations almost always and even when they do go together, outside of photo ops, they are not together. Heck, they even send the girls off on their own vacations! In spite of all the posed pics, they are for the most part very disconnected from each other and as a family unit. Then we have Michelle saying by mistake she is a single mom and a week later Barack trying to explain it away that she feeeeels like on because he is so busy with being president. lol. I have gone years with DH working out of town and me on the home front M-F with a zillion children and never considered myself anywhere near close to being a single mom. So, Barium Obama, can take his damage control and put it ………… Anyways, all this can be documented ( weill, used to be and is going to be darn hard to pull up again; a real treasure hunt) so it is no surprise nothing on the girls. Hey, remember when there was speculation that Justice Roberts was being blackmailed about his adopted daughters? and that even though they were adopted out of Venezuela they were from Ireland and the pregnant mothers were sent to V. to make it possible? And we also know from his history that Barium points the finger at others for what he has done himself……….. just a saying…….. Where did those girls’ daddy sperm come from?

      • What A Hoot says:

        Here is a report but not the ones I am looking for,
        “It is ironic that the Obamas had to move into the White House to finally live together full time as a family under one roof, something they hadn’t done since the president began his political career as an Illinois state legislator in 1996.”

        and, “But if the move to the White House has made it possible for the president to be full-time father to the couple’s two daughters,….”

        To cover for them not being a real family, during the 2008 campaign they packaged them as a Modern Marriage in the event their not living together became an issue of them lacking family commitment and/or Barium being branded as an absent father.×2.jpg

        • Given the weight of all the evidence, such as the details you provide, about the sketchy backgrounds and all the homosexual accusations against Barry and all, the marriage really does have the odor of a sham. Look also at the fact that ValJar was the one who set up their marriage in the first place and still acts like they both work for her, and even little things like the Shahada ring that Barack wore before they were married that oddly “became” his wedding band – the same ring – for his “marriage.” How often does that ever happen in real life? What, she didn’t have a say in picking out fresh rings? He keeps his secret muslim decoder ring as the wedding band, and she’s cool with that? She doesn’t think that it’s more important to him than the “marriage?” I think any normal woman would have trouble there. And that’s not just a weird theory, the ring is a fact. I’ve seen the photos and the analysis and the spin from the admin and mainstream articles and everything. This is an extraordinary arrangement, to be sure.

          • Knight4GFC says:

            What Grunt said.

            Just about goes along with the rest of the history and life of bHo and those around him. A total fraud, setup, weapon, pawn, an anti-Christ, MB operative, Muslim in Chief, serial killer, modern day Nero, wannabe tyrant, socialist OWO dreamer, Israel hater, WWIII designer, doormat to the door he opens for the reign of the Anti-Christ himself, and everything else between the lines. The list can and does go on and on… this is not surprising. The story of his life as you know it, is a totally manufactured, tailored-made face. Deceit almost perfect. He does anything he wishes without consequence. He is the face of the ENEMY WITHIN.

            You want to disprove this? I want to do the same… tell me this isn’t true! Only one problem. I can’t. Fast And Furious, Benghazi, Obamacare, Seal Team Six deaths, Iran Deal, Egyptian Government overthrow, Libyan Government overthrow, terrorist support in Syrian civil war, Fema arms stockpiling, Fema camps, “You can keep your plan”, and on and on and on… IT ALL STINKS! Where there is smoke, there is fire.

            Ok… rant over. Merry Christmas!

        • What A Hoot says:

          Here is story from 2009 with the qutoes above,

      • Re the lost links, is it remotely possible you might find something at (Internet Archive). I’ve started downloading and/or saving/printing off important stuff for that reason.

    • What A Hoot says:

      I do not go to Orly Taitz’s site but saw this elsewhere posted from her place,
      “Something made the regime apprehensive. Over 300,000 articles were de-linked from searches on Attorney Orly Taitz. Since it happened today, it is likely due to articles on lack of birth records for Malia and Sasha Obama in the U. S. databases or because of the latest “Obamacare for dummies” by Attoney Taitz, which explained the connection between the Obamacare and WTO-GATT, NAFTA Ponzi schemes, which robbed over a 100 million Americans of good employer paid insurances”

    • Knight4GFC says:

      I basically agree with Michele Zipp. “Justice can be better served in this case by education”. I’m sorry, but this is not an act that should get anyone arrested and charged with a felony. Just plain wrong! First of all, animals are not on the same level with humans. Human babies are murdered and they do not receive justice like this outlandish abuse of power. Once abortion is outlawed, then they can come talk to me about charging someone with a felony for making a stupid mistake with an animal. Such a backwards society, I swear!

      • zmalfoy says:

        Yeah. I can see a fine for some sort of “neglect”– this was a dumb move, and posting it was almost as dumb. But this wasn’t like the creeps who torture animals, who need to be stopped before they move on to humans. And God knows I’m a dog person. . . but as long as we’re slaughtering pre-born babies legally . . .

      • Exactly. Our culture has some weird blind spot when it comes to using insanely excessive measures in response to the slightest lapse in judgement or rulebreaking. It’s no wonder law enforcement does it. Seems like everybody does it in their daily lives without the slightest clue that they are subject to the same requirement of using good judgement.

        Look at that young cop who recently shot some dude on the street 4 times for “whittling a piece of wood in public.” One of his bullets went wild in a busy public place during the day. He still has no clue that innocent bystanders and street-whittlers with questionable knowledge about “whittling ordinances” don’t need to die immediately to keep the public safe. And it’s almost as bad to let them live if you ruin their lives with endless legal stalking and slavery to the system forever. Geez.

    • Knight4GFC says:

      I’ll add too, that soon you will not even be able to euthanize the animals you own… unless you are willing to be charged with murder.

      • What A Hoot says:

        I think some have already been prosecuted for just that and it was actually several years ago. An old way of eliminating of a cat or dog that looks like a natural death is to soak sponge pieces in broth and then dry out. When the animal eats it, it expands inside and somehow they die from the ‘plug’. I am not weighing in on the cruelty level of this method but it took care of many a neighbor’s pets that were wandering into others’ yards. Supposedly works for raccoon, too but never saw. Supposedly the sponge is not picked up in an autopsy but then in the old days no one would have wasted money on such. Just a little extra info to pocket into the recesses of your mind.

  2. zmalfoy says:

    Ok. cyber Monday is Mission Accomplished! I don’t do Black Friday or, Godforbid, Thanksgiving evening. . . or any of thanksgiving weekend. . . But lunchbreak on Cyber Monday I do participate in. Crossed off everyone on my list at least once, still within my budget. Will have space to find “happy things” as the season progresses. While I realize that crass consumerism is not the point of the season, I do love the hunt for gifts, and anticipating the smiles on people’s faces when I get them something just right.

    I’m pretty sure I get this from my Mom, whi is Christmas shopping year-round. I’m actually pretty stingy the rest of the year– this is the one time I allow myself to cut a little loose with the budget. Gary Chapman writes in his book The 5 Love Languages ( that one of the languages of love is gift-giving. Most of the time, I’m more a “quality time” person . . . but I really, really love having the money to spend on others, whether the gifts are practical, or something more fun (like. . . fandom related tee-shirts, etc). And the hunt is the best part. You start out with a name on the list saying “Oh dear God, I have no idea what to get this person . . .” But then you start searching and hunting and then stumble upon something “Wicked cool!” that you can 1) Imagine them using and 2) Imagine them using with a smile.

    I really don’t care what I get at Christmas (Although, I know Mom got me that Ninja Blender System, b/c I was there when she bought it –with my coupon, lol). But I remember the days when my entire Christmas Budget was $100, split between six or seven people. (Even knitting scarves costs the amount of the yarn. . . )While I do enjoy making things just for this person or that . . . It’s also nice to not have that pressure. The tiny-budget days were very difficult– there were a lot of drawings, watercolors, and scarves gifted in those years. What I lacked in funding was made up with late nights and impending deadlines. And I still make soap, or lip-balm, and cookies, and all of that. But it’s also nice to be able to say get my Mom something for the kitchen without blowing my budget for everyone else . . . It’s nice to make the things, knowing that if something goes wrong, I’ll still be able to give them something that they can use with a smile.

    This is why I don’t complain when furloughed, why my whining at End of FY is minimized, why I never use my leave during the year, racking up over 100 hrs of use or loose– because it’s all that stress and irritation that pays for my late-autumn Gift Hunt. Those hours that go to spend with my family, helping in the kitchen, decorating the mantle, polishing the silver, and singing around the piano. . .

  3. Continuing questions on this. This was published 2 weeks ago.

  4. Nude Beaches? In Wisconsin? Bob, what is going on in your state? Sex and drugs on the beach? What’s next? Rock music? Can I write any more sentences that end in question marks? 😯

  5. Knight4GFC says:

    “The I-400 was one of the “Sen-Toku” class submarines, which were the largest submarines ever built until nuclear-powered subs were invented. It is 400 feet long and could travel one and a half times around the world without refueling.”

    World War II-era Japanese mega-submarine discovered off Hawaii

  6. Knight4GFC says:

    “Syria’s Minister of Social Affairs, Kindah al-Shammat, demanded that countries supporting the rebels pressure them to release the nuns”.

    Nuns trapped as al Qaeda-linked rebels seize Christian town in Syria

  7. Knight4GFC says:

    “This is betrayal,” Sekulow told Fox News today. “A betrayal because not only did they not get the release of the three Americans, but they said they are working on this ‘on the margins.’ Our citizens are on the margins and then we are releasing an Iranian convicted on working on the nuclear issue.”

    US reportedly frees Iranian amid secret talks, but American trio still held

  8. Knight4GFC says:

    “An Italian woman is fighting for custody of her 15-month-old daughter, who she alleges British social services removed from her womb after over a month of involuntary commitment at a psychiatric hospital.

    According to a report by the Telegraph, the woman, who remains unnamed to the public as her case unfolds, traveled while pregnant to Essex in 2012 for an airline’s training course. Once there, an escalated episode of travel anxiety turned into an unending bureaucratic nightmare and violation of her reproductive rights”.

    Report: UK Confiscates Baby from Mother’s Womb After Forced Mental Hospital Stay

  9. You know it’s a Damn shame that we are sooooo blinded by our sins! Yeah our sins!! What in the name of Christ is so hard for us to just sit there and let our lives be dictated to by our enemy? Why is it so hard for us to understand our history and the past? Why is it that History is constantly repeating itself? Why? The only reason it could possibly be is our fallen nature (our sins) and history repeats itself again. When we are in Darkness we must be purged so that through our sufferings we can once again return to our knees and beg God to forgive us and understand that without God in our lives life is worthless. It means nothing! Yet we stumble on in the darkness unable to change (not wanting to do so really) our lives because our comfort level is so so for now. God in His Divine Mercy gives us many chances to return to Him. Look at what happen the day of 9-11!? There isn’t one of you who doesn’t know what he/she was doing at that moment and you saw with evident eyes the lines that were drawn in the sand where people had to choose what side they were on. They were calling on God or completely denying Him! People returned to their churches and some changed their lives and most after six months went back to their comfort level of “things were gonna be okay. We blamed everything on Bush. Regardless of what any man thinks about GWB, he stepped up to the plate and took all the trash that was shoved at him whether he deserved it or not and never said anything in his defense. Never went on the offensive. His wife stood by him through all the world bashing him with dignity of a first Lady! And yet he went on to the bitter end of all the attacks quietly. Boy if it was the other way around we would all be sick of hearing about the horrible abuses of BO and his wife??? WTH is wrong with everybody? We can’t seem to see what is in front of our face in our own churches??? We can’t seem to see what is happening in America is a mirror of what is happening on a much bigger scale in our…….. I can’t stand it!!! I hate it!!! I loathe it!!!! Why don’t we have any fear of God anymore? Did I fail my country? Did I fail my Church? Did I fail my Beliefs? I didn’t!!! It only takes a moment to look at history to understand what is happening now has happened in the past and continues on again. Look at what the Jews did to Christ?! Yes they put Him to death while they know He was God! Yes they failed their own flock! They did it because they made a CHOICE to do it!!! It clearly states in the Bible how they were willing to put to death one Man for the sake of many! Or themselves and their power anyway. It was “this is my will and I don’t care if it is your Will God or not”! Yet here we are in the middle of it all again. Our Church is failing us once again and we are caught up without oil in our lamps. Unable to recognize the Spirit. Yet Christ came and picked a few fisherman out of a bunch of hypocritical Jewish Leaders??? Where are our Fisherman??? Who are they now??? Why can’t we see what is happening now??? We can only skim on the fringes of what we think is going on. Or we get caught up on following Breitbarts or O’Riley’s or Glen Becks because we are searching for a leader to take us/lead us out of our darkness. It isn’t going to come until we are purified of our sins!!! Fire purifies us! Fire takes the impurities out of the gold! think it is just a saying? The Spiritual life is no different! But we are stooped in our own ways of life that we really don’t want to change! When it comes to changing our personal lives we don’t want it!!! It feels too good to not have to worry about all that stuff when our Sunday Football game is on. Or when we have to really make a Sacrifice for what we believe in. Am I blaming anybody here? No I am merely fed up with the “:grey” of it all. All the BS that we are suppose to except. I now live in a State that legally says it is okay to be “married” to the same sex as yourself and allows children to be reared in this belief. What happened? WTH is wrong when a society that supposedly was a God Fearing Nation to let this happen? And what happened in the early 1960’s that allowed our country to a Country where we no longer protected the UNBORN child? And what transpired in our Church at about the same time? Where is the outcry every moment of everyday while we put to death millions of babies that our God “allowed” to be? This is my will God, damn if it’s Yours! There is no foundation to stand on anymore when we cannot protect the lives of our babies!!! I don’t want to hear any excuses about it, I don’t care about excuses. Excuse yourself in front of God not me! Yes He is so progressive, I’m sure He’ll understand. I’m sick of apologizing to everyone on HIS behalf. Why can’t we see black and white anymore??? Did I miss the memo? I didn’t see one from my God?! Did you get one? I didn’t fail my country, my country is failing me!!! I didn’t fail my Church, my Church is failing me!!! I haven’t changed my faith and “progressed” into a Religion that throws every single Martyr under the bus for what he/she died to protect! Since when did common sense leave us? Even Reagan could see it!!
    Why? Why? Why? There is no where left in this world for me to exist where I am not persecuted for my beliefs!!! Say your Apostles Creed and think about it? Does it even make sense anymore? Read the bible! Does Christ words make any sense? Love the sinner and hate the sin??? It clearly states the difference! WTH is so hard to understand about it anymore? What the Hell was Sodom and Gomorrah about? Just a fishing tale? Progressive idiots! And most are blinded by the “feel good” movement. Sensationalism and humanism has thoroughly destroyed our minds. “I’ll emulate the Immortal Caesars of the past. I’ll give the people what they truly want. Starting this day I will draw all of Rome to the Colosseum. I’ll give them bread. And they will want nothing more.” Here we have everything our passions could desire. And being full of the desires we want nothing more than what bread they offer!!!! Prove me different!!! STOP and tell me I’m wrong!!! We are so backwards we go on attack of a woman who puts a puppy in a plastic bag. While all the while our women are putting babies all over their faces in makeup. That is the TRUTH of it whether you like it or not I don’t care!!! We strain at the gnat while swallowing the camel!!! Wake Up!!!! How??? Try having a personal relationship with God for one. While some of us have this most have not even slowed down from our completely filled lives to be able to “listen” to what who or what God is in our lives. I will not shut up!!! I am in jail already so what does it matter now? I am in prison in my own country awaiting God’s wrath to come. And it is going to come because He Loves Us! Yes that is right, it is going to come because of His Love for us. The two Spirits cannot coexist together, it is not possible!!! There will always be an eventual separation between Good and Evil!!! It is not possible to coexist under the same roof. And the more WE are united the more the evil will be exposed!!! Unity will bring this about every time. Unfortunately we have to suffer for that unity to come about! So gather those of “like mindedness” about you and solidify the Unity that comes from Above!

    • Knight4GFC says:

      OMG! A Christian extremist! You are who bHo warned us about! 😉 Well… I guess that makes me one as well. Truth is tough to digest. But it’s even harder to see and recognize Truth in today’s world. I share your thoughts. Develop a strong loving relationship with God and Truth shall set you free. Keep it black and white, and you will live. Don’t deal with the “grey areas” and you will die. And there are more ways to dying than just a physical death.

      • Amen to that. Sing it, GFC. Peace does not come in a bottle, nor does it come by ignoring reality. It comes by embracing the Good, accepting Reality, and by being surprised that Good IS the only reality.

        • Sorry about the long rant! The GOOD news is HOPE! Hope is something that onlyba Christian can really understand. Hope is CHRISTMAS and that is why the bad guys want to take it away from US. Hope is the only door they cannot shut! Hopelessness is Hell. Why would anyone want that? That is so like depression and it’s ugly truth. I’ll hang on to my HOPE! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope is the gift!

          • Oh! That reminds me of the “Holiday stamp” mailing we just got from the USPS. Did you see the 3 holiday stamps on the cover? A Hannukah stamp, a Kwanzaa stamp and a “Gingerbread House” stamp. I’m so glad they included us “Gingerbread Religion” people. It’s so good to be recognized for what we are, especially since there were overtly religious symbols on the other stamps. Is a Gingerbread House a holy symbol? It’s been a while since I went to Sunday school.


    Like I said yesterday! I wish every single person was required to read this! read and tell me God was not a part of America and the formation of the GREATEST Country to ever exist in the world. A country that is seen as a last Hope for those Christians persecuted worldwide for their beliefs and leave their Hopes in a dying Nation called America. A nation that they see as a last resort to what is called FREEDOM! When America is done who is left????????????????????
    Damn You my enemies of God!!!!

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