Joel B. Pollak: Marxist or Not, Nelson Mandela Was Five Times the Man Obama Is

That’s assuming, of course, you can legitimately call Obama “a man.”  After his recent cuddle-date with Chris Matthews, one wonders.  There can be no doubt that America (and the world) would be better off if Nelson Mandela were President of the United States right now.  Even dead.  At least school children could visit the White House, and the destruction of America might take a brief pause.  Breitbart’s Pollak makes the case:  Image from WNB., 6 Dec 2013: The comparison is so crude as to be laughable, but given the mainstream media’s immediate linkage of the two, and President Barack Obama’s insistence on talking about himself in his eulogy for Nelson Mandela, it must be said: Obama is no Mandela.

For one thing, their societies are different: the U.S. bears no resemblance to post-apartheid South Africa. For another, Mandela chose to govern differently from Obama in many key respects.

1. Mandela was a uniter, Obama is a divider. Mandela was not above playing racial politics at times, but generally did all he could to bring people together, in both real and symbolic ways. He famously donned the Springbok rugby jersey, once a symbol hated by blacks, to show solidarity with whites. Mandela left South Africa more united than when he took office. Obama will leave the U.S. more divided than when he began.

2. Mandela obeyed the constitution and the courts, Obama flouts both. Mandela not only signed a constitution that guaranteed individual rights and constraints on state power, but made an impressive show of subjecting his administration to the will of the courts. Obama, by contrast, is “becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid,” ignoring court rulings and greatly expanding his executive powers.

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3 Responses to Joel B. Pollak: Marxist or Not, Nelson Mandela Was Five Times the Man Obama Is

  1. Ok, I’m confused. Just got this letter from NASA Administrator Charley Bolden, and apparently, NASA never could have made it to the moon back in 1969 if it hadn’t been for Nelson Mandela. Who knew??!!?? No disrespect intended, but I don’t remember getting a letter like this when Margaret Thatcher passed away, and she wasn’t even best friends with the Castro Brothers. Can we expect to be doing joint missions with Cuba now, too? That should be fun.

  2. barnslayer says:

    Mandela was a communist and a terrorist. Nothing else.
    Happy Kwaanza!!!!!!!

    That said… my guinea pig was 5X the man oblamer is. No biggie.

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