Open Thread, Tuesday 10 December 2013



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  1. freedom1781 says:

    Hey, Grunt! Check your email if you can.

  2. barnslayer says:

    Remember how the liberals were saying we’re racists for wanting voter ID? Well looky here!

  3. barnslayer says:

    From Britt Hume on Adam Baldwin’s twitter page
    For those who don’t know Adam Baldwin (not related to Alec)

  4. zmalfoy says:

    Wrote 2200 words of my novel today, but that’s only 2/3rds of the way through the scene I wanted to finish today. But there was emergency Scene-Accuracy! research to do . . . kinda slowed some things down. As did the laundry and making dinner. But it’s still 2200 more than this morning. This is a pivotal scene I’m writing, the one that really kick-starts the whole story. And it sorta turned into three scenes, I guess. . .although that bit in the middle is kinda short to be considered a full “scene”. . .
    man, I am wiped out. Calling it a night.

  5. Knight4GFC says:

    New York’s top court blocks Colorado from forcing Fox reporter to reveal sources or face jail

  6. Knight4GFC says:

    Birds of a feather flock together!

    “President Obama stopped to shake hands with Cuban President Raul Castro today at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Some are calling into question the handshake given the long history of distrust between the U.S. and Cuban governments’.

    Should Obama Have Stopped to Shake Hands With Cuba’s Raul Castro?

  7. Knight4GFC says:

    And somebody mentioned something about doing this a couple of days ago?

    “A “Festivus” pole will be put on display at the Florida State Capitol to protest a Nativity scene recently placed there”.

    ‘Festivus’ Pole Made of Beer Cans to be Displayed Next to Nativity Scene‘festivus’-pole-be-displayed-next-nativity-scene

  8. Knight4GFC says:

    “President Barack Obama may have already known the real date of Nelson Mandela’s death and studiously planned funeral when he made his June 2013 African trip—and was even able to take the photo he would later Tweet on the day of Mandela’s officially announced death while he was still in South Africa”.

    Did Obama know date of Mandela’s death was June 26, 2013?

  9. Knight4GFC says:

    “Even more egregious than any of these attacks is the unfettered and surreptitious population push of Muslims within our government and society, while Jews, Christians and Catholics face increasing attacks by all three branches of the Federal government, and many branches of various states’ governments”.

    Five non-negotiable positions of Catholic Church dogma are under attack
    An Open Letter to Pope Francis I!

    • It is important to have a personal relationship with God. In these times there is so much disinformation put out (on purpose with design) on both sides of any subject it is hard to recognize what is “Truth” and what is disallusional. The Truth is what Christ brought to the world and look at what they did to Him?! It is “Truth” that they must distort and destroy in order to carry out their own agenda. If you know Christ you will recognize the “Truth” and that can only come through a personal relationship with Him. It does not come through your insurance policy (Sunday service only) with God.
      Truth is the one thing they cannot take away from you if you know and Love God. The “Light” comes, as a gift, to those who long for the TRUTH. You should be able to see or recognize what is happening to the Truth. They put to death Christ because He brought Truth to the world to open the eyes of those who were longing/searching for it. So they have to destroy the Truth in everything and everyone who has it. And this happens on all levels and in all degrees. This is why there is so much distortion of the Truth. Attack it on every front and every level cleverly. They put whole panels together just to bring about this destruction. Why do they hate Christians and must destroy them? Truth! Why do they vehemently hate Catholics because for over 2000 years they were the bearers/carriers of the Truth. The communist plotted long ago to infiltrate the Church to destroy the Truth. They didn’t want to destroy the structure and power of the greatest power in the world just detroy the Truth from within. It is no surprise and well known. Did they or are they accomplishing that task? I cannot answer that for you! I can say that God is not “progressive”. He is the same today, yesterday and will be tomorrow. Keep your eyes wide open, your hearts pure and your conscious clean and clear. Do not let yourself be caught in deep sin when your Master appears! You know the vices. You know the commandments (yes the ones we had to remove from our public places). You know what Christ says/said in the bible. It’s message does and has not changed! Keep yourselves pure and avoid the near occasion of sin. Period!

  10. Knight4GFC says:

    “According to one school district in Colorado, a little boy’s kiss of his female classmate’s cheek violated its sexual harassment policy”.

    Sexual Harassment!? Kiss on Cheek Gets First-Grader Suspended

  11. Knight4GFC says:

    “One would think that mankind had been saved from extinction through the work of 160 diplomats working in its best interests, laboring through the night to birth the agreement”.

    WTO Celebrates First Global Agreement in 12 Years

  12. Knight4GFC says:

    “The new CIA internal documents obtained confirm conclusively that former CIA Director Panetta breeched national security in order to curry favor with Hollywood filmmakers who the Obama administration hoped would make a pro-Obama film,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “The sensitivities about classified leaks from this administration don’t seem to extend to top level officials like Mr. Panetta.”

    Panetta Revealed Classified Info to Zero Dark Thirty Filmmaker
    Internal review: CIA violated procedure in allowing filmmaker access to award ceremony

  13. Knight4GFC says:

    Israeli Defense Minister: Iran Has Terror Infrastructure in Central, South America
    Moshe Yaalon says Iran using diplomatic mail to transport bombs, weapons

  14. Knight4GFC says:

    Obama Shakes Blood-Stained Hand of Mass Murderer Robert Mugabe — NBC quietly deletes the Mugabe reference, no correction noted… – See more at:

  15. Knight4GFC says:

    Nothing new here…

    Seymour Hersh Alleges Obama Administration Lied on Syria Gas Attack

  16. Knight4GFC says:

    “In case you’ve missed it, the foreign policy reset button that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hit with Russia is now stuck on restoring the old Soviet Union. I suppose this is indeed what Obama meant when he told then-Russian President Medvedev he would have more “flexibility” after winning reelection”.

    Reagan said “tear down this wall.” Is Obama helping Putin rebuild it?

  17. Knight4GFC says:

    “‘In a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.’ Often attributed to George Orwell, this statement is eerily appropriate in light of this latest revelation about the Obama administration.”

    Obama taskforce studying how to “nudge” – er, control your behavior

  18. Knight4GFC says:

    “President Obama is in South Africa for his self-gratifying opportunity to get before cameras for the funeral of Nelson Mandela and shake Raul Castro’s hand. As we wrote Sunday evening, seems that British PM Margaret Thatcher was not deserving of his time or attention. It got me thinking of others who seemingly do not deserve President Obama’s time or attention. In the military we live by a code that defines our commitment to each other, an undying devotion of ‘Leave no Man Behind.'”

    The men Obama has abandoned

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