Open Thread, Sunday 15 December 2013


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17 Responses to Open Thread, Sunday 15 December 2013

    • Solaratov says:

      What’s with the moderation stuff?

    • zmalfoy says:

      Hmm. Certainly something to think about. . .

      However, I don’t entirely agree with the breakdown of Comic/Sci-fi/Fantasy as he does it. I don’t argue that for a lot of people, that is exactly how it works. But I think it can also go the other way. See, from my teaching background, I’ve found that humans find it easier to learn concepts– especially abstract concepts– through the device of a story. The more memorable– indeed, the more fantastic –the story, the better it, and the concepts being taught, are remembered. So, maybe the lesson he talks about are what some people learn. . .

      But other people, watching the Avengers (for instance) can learn about Teamwork. Those who take that lesson are most likely those who, in school, were assigned team projects, and learned to hate the word teamwork, because it always meant they ended up doing the work of 4 people, two of which would beat him up after school if he didn’t do a good job. Teamwork was a lie– until Thor and Iron Man and the Hulk took orders from Captain America. See, the “Super Serum” didn’t make Steve Rogers a leader– that was there the whole time. Socially, the leadership role should have gone to Thor, or Tony Stark, according to their social rank. But instead, it went to the kid from Brooklyn, for a trait that was always his.

      Likewise, what makes Frodo a “hero” isn’t that he has The Ring– it’s that he, after serious temptation, fear, and oppression, destroys it rather than use it. That inner strength was always his, no matter that he was just a little guy from a no-name-town. Same with Samwise Gamgee. They were, in their realm, the most humble of characters. But it was their own love, convictions, and courage that carried them through.

      I spend a lot of time around these sorts of fans. Often enough, they have very troubled backstories themselves– abusive parents, childhood sickness, other trauma. . . and so often, I hear the story that “When I was in the hospital, Dr. Who helped me forget, for just a little bit, that I was sick, that I was trapped. I got to travel through time and space, and it made the stay so much better! It made me want to travel the world, study history, etc. . ” Or, the fan who wrote to the cast of Supernatural, telling them how the show and, in particular, the main characters, helped inspire him when in an abusive situation. How watching the interactions of the brothers in the show helped him find the courage to get himself out of that situation and get help.

      So, maybe for some people, these stories lure them into the trap of “You can never be the hero.” But for plenty of others, it’s just the opposite– these stories show them “Anyone can change the world, no matter how small.”

      • You put into words a lot of what I was thinking, too. Some of the conclusions, like the “You’re being taught to obey the Man,” was fairly ludicrous. I really doubt that Tolkien and Stan Lee have been tools of the Rothschilds (or name your bogeyman here) all these years. That was just kinda stupid. They have a good point, but they may have strayed into insanity a bit in order to make it.

    • Thought-provoking video, Sol. I’ll have to look for Part 2 now.

  1. solaratov says:

    So, it looks as though I got my gravatar back…

    or not.

    We’ll see when I hit post…… πŸ‘Ώ

    • solaratov says:


      and no moderation.

      Damn computers are instruments of the devil…designed to make old farts go crazy(er) πŸ‘Ώ

      • Looks like the moderation kicked in automagically when it didn’t recognize the account and gravatar. Not sure what happened there, but you might have logged in with a capital ‘S’ instead of the usual lower case.

    • solaratov says:

      “I shoot all my employees.” πŸ˜• πŸ˜† 😯

      • Yeah! This guy cracks me up. “Jes, ALL my employees must submit to ‘The Test.’ I, myself, have taken ‘The Test’ twice.”

        Dude, you have all your clothing models and secretaries shot, but you’ve only allowed yourself to be shot twice? That wouldn’t give me the most confidence, exactly. He’s the owner, fer cryin’ out loud. He should have been taking lead to the gut dozens of times. Maybe even allowed his own wife to throw a shot his way. Ok, maybe that’s asking a bit much. πŸ˜€ “Carmen, why do you get thees evil look in your ojos jes now?”

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