Are We Really Facing an Obama-Rome Alliance?

Short answer: Hell no.  But a lot of American conservatives are seeing it that way.

This is just my take, but this whole thing never needed to be such a total rat-f*ck for conservatives if people only understood what it means to be a Christian. Christianity is truly a 3rd way; it’s not conservative OR liberal.

The Judeo-Christian economic model is a lot more like capitalism in reality, but it freaks conservatives out because it “sounds” so much like socialism at times. But it’s not. C.S. Lewis predicted this when he speculated that if we ever got a perfectly Christian society, the socialist-sounding components would make lots of people uncomfortable. It does. That’s why the Pope’s words are causing so much anger, especially when so many of his words are focused on the problems of the 3rd world where a different kind of capitalism is causing suffering that’s simply foreign to us here in the USA.

I don’t think Steve Green and Bill Whittle have any idea that unbridled, morality-free, survival-of-the-fittest capitalism HAS FAILED in other countries. It’s record isn’t that much better than socialism, though it’s a hell of a lot better than communism.

We all agree that Obama is full of sh*t, but I don’t think people realize that he’s only stealing the pope’s message. I think they’re wrong about Gingrich, too. I think Gingrich gets it.

The pope needs to follow up his message about income inequality by severely distancing himself from the asswipe Obama. Maybe he thinks his other condemnations of Marxism are enough. They’re not. Let’s hope he figures that out.


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6 Responses to Are We Really Facing an Obama-Rome Alliance?

  1. zmalfoy says:

    *Stands, applauds*

    thank you, Grunt! I have been so very, very irritated with so many “conservative” commentors lately who assume that every word out of the Pope’s mouth is sirectly addressed to the current American Political scene. AAARRGGG!!!

    Also, your first paragraph started my morning off just right. . . Nothing like crudity in the name of religion to make me snicker into my coffee . . .

  2. You know, maybe we should have a post about exactly what the “Judeo-Christian” economic model is. Because I’m not sure people have any idea.

    In my view, God’s plan, economically, as described Biblically and in natural law, looks more like this, and it’s not too unlike what we’ve had in this country at times in past decades:

    1. Corporations, with boards who act as royalty, golden parachutes and no one really accountable for the moral actions of the business, do not exist.

    2. Every company is a proprietorship. One man or woman in control and absolutely responsible for the success and moral behavior of the company. They run it like a family. As such, there is real concern for employees balanced with the requirement to succeed, just as in any family.

    3. Workers answer to and depend on their boss, but he or she answers to God, literally, as well as to the government (king) and the church.

    4. The government (king or citizen ruling body) have sovereign power with limited criticism by the church, but they are answerable to God for their behavior.

    5. The government’s role is to protect and encourage the people and their commerce, ensuring opportunity and a TRULY level playing field, ideally.

    6. The church’s job is to look after the spiritual well-being and concerns of the people and to act as a check on the government.

    Generally, this plan provides a lot of freedom, but it’s structured, and concern for people’s well-being is built-in. It’s like capitalism, but not Godless capitalism. It’s also overtly Christian, and you cannot excise that from it.

    I just threw this out quickly. If I got it seriously wrong, let me know. And, also, speak up if anyone would like to see this as a discussion in another post.

  3. texan59 says:

    I’m kicking off the Christmas songs a couple days early. About the only thing I like that David Letterman does. 🙂 🙂

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