Antarctic Mystery: News Stories About Eco-Tourism and Climate-Change Science Ship Caught in Massive Summertime Southern Sea Ice Don’t Mention Anything about Global Warming

Graphics work by Earl of Taint.

This summer in Antarctica, the sea ice is vanishing at such a rapid rate that the penguins are being forced to tread water practically all the time, and polar bears haven’t been seen, well, practically forever. Scientists speculate that they may have all drowned. It’s even rumored that U.S. President Barack Obama is considering spending a golf vacation in Antarctica, such is the newfound potential for sun and fun near the newly-ice-free South Pole.
The Akademik Shokalskiy awaits the arrival of the Xue Long, in Antarctica.
Ecotards and climate-fraud pushers (scientists) aboard the Akademik Shokalskiy (pictured above) may have been hoping to report such things when they booked their trip this summer in Antarctic waters, but there’s been very little talk like that since they became stuck in pack ice around Christmas Day. Since then, they’ve been waiting for help to arrive from the angry crew of the Chinese icebreaker Xue Long, pictured below, who have very little time to spend, as they are struggling to build yet another Chinese “climate study” base nearby. They have complained bitterly that the pack ice is so bad this year that they expect to have very little “summertime” reduction in ice to help them in the completion of their base.

First sighting of Chinese icebreaker Xue Long from the Akademik Shokalskiy stranded in AntarcticaFor at least a decade now, a recurring feature of all news stories about the polar regions has been a steady drumbeat of climate propaganda about the “disappearing ice pack,” usually accompanied by photos of polar bears clinging to tiny iceberglets and dire predictions of rising sea levels. Some scientists have insisted, shockingly, that the poles would be “ice-free” in just a few years due to “climate change.”

Strangely, the many news stories about this Christmastime Antarctic rescue drama seem to be entirely lacking in any such editorializing. In fact, every story I checked, from The Guardian to The Sun Daily to CNN to Salon(sorry – no linkie to those idiots) to the Huffington Post, are completely silent about any mention of global climate at all. This sudden spike in journalistic opinion discipline is a genuine mystery, and I can find no obvious explanation for it.  Can it be that a fresh influx of new journalism graduates, fresh out of college, are suddenly demanding that the principles of journalistic ethics be enforced?  Are politicians demanding that junk science be suddenly suppressed by the media?  It must be something of this sort, because there appears to be not a hint of embarrassment or shame in any of these news stories.  They all seem completely obsessed with reporting the hard news about the logistics of the rescue, the sea conditions and the morale of the crew.  Very strange.  Until the mystery is solved, we’ll just have to wait for the media to explain this one to us.


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3 Responses to Antarctic Mystery: News Stories About Eco-Tourism and Climate-Change Science Ship Caught in Massive Summertime Southern Sea Ice Don’t Mention Anything about Global Warming

  1. barnslayer says:

    From what I understand, the ice is much warmer than usual.

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