The 10 Most Brutal Countries for Extreme Persecution of Christians

Here’s where they’re dying the most, Folks.  And it’s worse than you thought.  It’s so bad for Christians across the world that Russia and Turkey don’t even show up on the radar any more.  China, where you can die in labor camps (and thousands do) for the crime of attending a non-approved (Read: non-gov’t-controlled) Christian service, is only considered “Moderate Persecution.”  One of the most severe persecutors is in the western hemisphere, and several of the very worst are among U.S. “allies.”

persecution-620x410The Blaze talked to Dr. David Curry, CEO and president of Open Doors USA, on Thursday last week, and the interview was published here.  The Open Doors USA organization ranks these 10 countries among the most brutal toward Christians.

10-worstDid you notice that 5 of the 10 are countries that the U.S. holds tremendous influence over?  Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan should be under some pressure to be something other than brutally repressive toward Christians, one would think.  How is that working out?

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3 Responses to The 10 Most Brutal Countries for Extreme Persecution of Christians

  1. Knight4GFC says:

    “How is that working out?”
    It isn’t! When the Christian faith is being persecuted right here in America, a supposedly “Christian” nation, by our own leaders?! Of course its going to go south with the rest of the Christians in the other nations we “influence”.

    And then when your own “Christian” leaders within the Faith are failing to lead and support the flock according to how God intended, we the flock suffer, spiritually and physically. The Faith suffers. People like you and I are left to fend for ourselves.

    We must stand our ground, have a strong personal relationship with God, always seeking the Truth in humility, ready to defend Christianity from our enemies – both within and without, even to the point of giving your life for God. Seek unity in likeminded people. Strength in numbers. In doing these things, we help those persecuted for the Christian Faith… that’s us.

    Our Christian Faith, the pillars upon which our nation was founded, is being persecuted here in America. Let’s not allow this persecution to take the next step. Don’t be fooled that we here in America cannot get to the point of physical persecution like those being martyred elsewhere throughout the world. That would be the next step.

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