Are YOU Ready?

Original Bumper Sticker: from Hillary for President.
“Weasel-Enhanced” Bumper Sticker: from World News Bureau.

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13 Responses to Are YOU Ready?

  1. And on that note:
    The New York Times recently published a 7,500-word coverup to exculpate the Obama administration in their atrocious dereliction of duty with respect to killing of four Americans at Benghazi in 2012. Like a frightened octopus, the left is exuding a vast cloud of ink, hoping to cover the failures of President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
    Read more at American Thinker.

  2. This needs to be redone now for Hillary by Second City.

    “I support any war Hillary wants to get us into, no matter how many U.S. Ambassadors have to die.”

  3. “I named him ‘Benghazi’ ’cause he keeps biting Hillary.”

    Puppy: “For the love of God, please don’t take me back to the White House. I can hear puppy screams coming from the kitchen.”
    Biden: “I thought this mutt would make me look smart in comparison, but people keep talking to the dog and patting me on the head.”
    Puppy: “Please, I beg you. Bring me back to the kennel. I’ve lost 15 IQ points in just the last 10 minutes.”

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