U.S. News Temper Tantrum About Sotomayor Not Carrying Obamacare’s Water Draws Some Serious Heat

sonia_sotomayorLast week, U.S. News published a surprisingly shallow, baseless and bigoted tirade from Jamie Stiehm in which she essentially called for the tarring and feathering of Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor for doing her job and not rubber-stamping Obamacare as she was expected to do by Democrats.  Ms. Stiehm further denounced the “Catholic Supreme Court,” declaring that they have religious motivations for a Rome-commanded “war on women.”  She seemed particularly ungrateful for the fact that Obamacare survives only because of the actions of Republican-appointed, Catholic Chief Justice John Roberts.  She also failed to explain how a “Catholic Supreme Court” that is busy “showing a clear religious bias when it comes to women’s rights and liberties” is nonetheless incapable of fulfilling the most basic Catholic “desirement” of overturning Roe v. Wade.  The only conceivable explanation for her article is that she’s just stupid.  As for how the editors of U.S. News let this one through, that is still a mystery.

JamieStiehmIt wasn’t long after Jamie Stiehm (pictured at left) got her screed published that she drew some harsh criticism.  Many critiques appeared immediately, but the consensus seems to be that the best is by Elizabeth Scalia of the Anchoress Blog.  In addition to dissecting Stiehm’s piece point by point, Scalia sums up why this is often the kind of scorched-earth approach that Democrats are always comfortable taking:

I stopped being a Democrat when it became clear that I was expected to vacate any of my own thoughts and opinions in order to fall in line with the party, or be called moronic or hateful or bigoted or even evil. There was no way the party could be wrong on anything, therefore dissent indicated a problem originating with me. “I” had the problem; not the party.

Scalia also follows up with an update about U.S. News’ silence.  Incidentally, another critique worth reading is by Joanne McPortland because she disproves Stiehm’s allegation that Jefferson was hostile to Rome and Catholics in general.  Jefferson-300x225
Don’t miss additional commentary by others eager to pile-on, like Ed Morrissey in Hot Air, National Review’s Michael Potemra and Yid With Lid.  Just for grins, the National Catholic Register says:

It is stunning that the editors would publish such a thing. Ms. Stiehm should start an anti-popery riot. She should burn Pope Francis in effigy. Go all out on Guy Fawkes Day. But, her editors should not publish her paranoid, delusional, and venomous screed. Shame.


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