Open Thread, Saturday 25 January 2014



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24 Responses to Open Thread, Saturday 25 January 2014

  1. Pistol Pete says:

    This link is from IOTW; Its called ‘aroma therapy.’
    If one of the mods can open the link you might like it.

  2. zmalfoy says:

    Very interesting story about the real effect of 19th Century Protestant Missionaries in the history of a country. Good read. I would be interested in learning why Catholic Missionaries didn’t have a similar effect . . .

    • barnslayer says:

      The author mentioned it might be a correlation more than a causative effect. That bit of diplomacy aside my opinion is the two branches of Christianity are very different. One might be viewed as strictly regimented and the other as a free-for-all.

      • And one might argue that we need both. In the spot on our header, for example, (Kalaupapa, Moloka’i), there were prominent missionaries from lots of faiths: Congregationalists, Episcopalians, Catholics, etc. They were all successful, to some degree. And in that situation, it was the Congregationalists and their associates who were regimented and established, being the official religion of the “in-charge” white folks on the Island. In a twist, it was Fr. Damien and Sr. Cope who were the quasi-illegal, free-for-all types in that case. Funny world!

    • HicksterA says:

      Since that article only reads so far, unless a member, does it leave off favorably to the negative their impact? Since I’m not not Catholic might be a reason why I ask. Btw: Just to throw out a question here slightly o/t how come only Catholic missions are what seem to be left of Indian Reservations? Or is that a misconception?

      • I couldn’t read it all either, Hick, so I’m not sure.

        Don’t know for sure, either, about Indian Reservations. I know lots of the Indian missions are Catholic, but I’m sure there are evangelical ones as well. I spent a lot of time down on the checkerboard in New Mexico in oil country and on Navaho land, and they have a term for Navahos who have gone evangelical, as being “on the Jesus road.” Our parish also builds houses on Navaho land and up at Pine Ridge (Sioux) in South Dakota, but most protestant missionaries I know go overseas to different places. South America is big right now.

        • HicksterA says:

          Ok. It’s a curious point as I’m wondering whether it’s a case of evangelical’s not, more or less, caring about the rezzie people or if the Catholic situation has simply by default sort of become the only one’s who will set up shop, so to speak, on a rezzie. Not sure. Haven’t been up with the Navajo situation to know really what’s happening for them.
          Yes, I agree it does seem that the evangelicals have a tendency for elsewhere missions.
          p.s. Apologies on the late reply.

  3. Sometimes, I think God has a racy sense of humor. Just last night, Gruntessa and I were out on a date, and we decided to go by Fay Myers, the Motorcycle Emporium here in Centennial/Greenwood Village to look for a Saturday afternoon bike. Gruntessa found out late in life that, despite being a safety freak and scaredy-cat girl for over 40 years, she actually really likes to ride. The revelation came in Mexico, of all places, when she was coaxed to get on the back of a little bike with me and zoom through strange streets and jungle lanes and ocean-side highways, scaring chickens, flirting at speed, and stopping to get a few beers now and then.

    So last night, we started seriously looking for a used, carbureted classic in the 500-650 cc range with just enough room on the saddle for two riding close. Real close.

    This morning, after sleeping off the beers from last night, I check Chris Muirs comic strip:

  4. Superbowl prices plummeting for some reason. Maybe some actual football fans will get to go.

    • barnslayer says:

      “Maybe some actual football fans will get to go.”
      Or maybe just the local Jets fans will attend.

      • Probably. The New England & Mid Atlantic teams wanted it up in snow country in an outdoor stadium. Let those team owners buy all the tickets.

      • texan59 says:

        barn – you sure you and Mrs. B aren’t going…… just to get out of NYNY for a …… minute? 😆

        • Oh sure. Drive across Manhattan, pay tolls, just to go into Jersey to see a couple of Western teams play in the snow? Practically a vacation! 😀

          • barnslayer says:

            NJ is worse than NY… as difficult as that might seem to believe. The highways are monotonous and… do not miss your exit!!!!!!!
            If we took a long drive it would most likely be to Cabelas in PA.
            No way would we go, not even if someone gave us tickets and hired a limo to get us there. Now, a trip to Vegas to see the PBR finals in the fall…. I could go for that!
            I don’t really have a favorite in this Super Bowl. Both QB’s seem like good Christians.

            Speaking of driving places…
            The 92 Jeep Laredo wouldn’t start this morning. Click…click that’s all.
            AAA tried to jump it, no dice. They called for a tow. Four hours later the SOB refused to back down my driveway… too icy, AAA won’t pay me to use the cable winch, the cable is too short….. what a whiney jackass! Finally I got Mrs. Barnslayer in the driver seat to work the key while I crawled under the car in the snow and whacked the starter with a hammer.
            I never did that before. What a rush!

            • Cool Barn! That excitement’s good for the heart. Unless she tries to run you over while you’re under there. I’ve been there, before. That’s the real reason why you always chock the wheels before you climb underneath. In case she tries any funny business. 😉

            • What A Hoot says:

              We once had a tempermental Ford van that would not start; always in the worst locations. We were in a new town so things were not set up for full housekeeping yet and the kids and I set out to find a laundromat. We had no idea the funcky world we were stepping into when we finally found one. Anyways there was lots of yelling and shouting between couples, between parents and kids, and between patrons. When it came time to leave, the van would not start. Had no road service (AAA would not give it since it was kissed by lightening that they insisted could not have happened) No cell phone. And who would I call in a new town anyways. Three little guys of mine, under ten, get out and look under the hood. And then. A nice guy with a “cigarette” comes over with two screw drivers and tells me to get out of the car. Well, he did not speak any language I ever heard so I paid attention to his gestures which said, “Out, out,”
              He put his arm around me and gentlly leads me to under the hood and shows me how to start the thing with the screwdrivers. Mr. Hoot has explained a thousand time what it is I learned but I still don’t remember what I was doing. My toking guardian angel made me do the little exercise several times to be sure I had it. Then he motioned to two biggest of the little boys how to get up on the bumper and one hold the hood and the other learned to make sparks. Geesh, no mechanic could fix our problem since the lightning adventure but now I could deal with it. Each time, What a rush! Each and every time.

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