Open Thread, Saturday 8 February 2014



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23 Responses to Open Thread, Saturday 8 February 2014

  1. solaratov says:

    Every year students attend the Kentucky Music Educators Association Conference to perform as part of the Kentucky All-State Choir.

    As is their tradition every year, they come out of their rooms every night just before 11 pm to sing the National Anthem.

    The Choir reportedly had 1000 students distributed throughout the building on all the 18 floors of the building.

    h/t WeaselZippers


  2. rosalindJ says:

    Hi guys. The vid was certainly moving. I tracked it down though, and found it had been posted in ’13. The gal who posted it on FB was described as disingenuous by one of the choir members.. Still, I hadn’t seen it before, and wish there were a full version.

    So. Fourth suicide, eh? What do y’all make of that Drudge “have an exit plan” remark? Too weird.

    • What A Hoot says:

      And a good slam at that. The Olympics is not about politics, so all the world leaders say (even ours) so how tacky of Americans to bring the Torch bearer’s politics into it. I think the Sochi Games CEO responded appropriately and am so glad they did not apologize or publicly regret having her involved, β€œShe is a three-time Olympic champion, one of the most respected in the world of Olympic athletes,” organizing committee president and CEO Dmitriy Chernyshenko said during a regularly scheduled news conference. β€œI want to stress that Olympics is not about politics, and any political talks about discussions are inappropriate.” (USAToday)

      I was offended by this from the article linked, “Using an unoriginal and crappy racist joke among teabaggers, the former figure skater….”

      • I’m always amused by the awkward attempt’s that liberals use to express contempt for those who disagree with them. As if no one has a right to an opinion but them. Every criticism is “unoriginal” or “racist” or “uncivil.” This from the people who have never had an original thought, for which everything is about race, and for which everything is all-out war.

  3. solaratov says:

    How we all imagine the Biathlon…

    πŸ‘Ώ III

    • You mean… That’s not how they compete?

      Urban myth. That’s actually footage from that time a Swiss reserve unit accidentally invaded Luxembourg and fired on a ski resort during a training exercise. Blew up a sausage shop and spilled a lot of beer. Hillary called it a human-caused tragedy.

  4. texan59 says:

    Grunt – if you ever need a logo these guys will probably work with ya. πŸ™‚

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