Open Thread, Thursday 13 February 2014



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55 Responses to Open Thread, Thursday 13 February 2014

  1. French reader says:

    Just in case you wonder why the Obamas had to spend so much money on the visit of François Hollande, here is an answer
    Avec seulement 16% d’opinions favorables (-1 point par rapport à janvier) et surtout 77% de défavorables (+4), le chef de l’Etat se rapproche à nouveau de son plus bas historique.
    translation : With only 16% of French people satisfied with him and 77% UNSATISFIED (!!!!!), the president gets closer to his lowest ratio of …..

    Well, perhaps Obama and Hollande need to comfort each other ….

  2. Check out this Brittius blog. They reblogged our M14 discussion yesterday, and they have one of the most beautiful John Garand works of art on their header. Plus, posts about beer and impeaching Obama! They’re not too different from us!

  3. Fifth banker dead. No details, but apparently no nail gun this time. Zombie beaver attack?

    • texan59 says:

      I guess these guys prefer a long-term solution to a (semi) short-term problem. Maybe it was radiation poisoning from watching all those trading screens. 🙄

  4. Hey Tex, Know anybody that would like to haul a brand new trailer from Houston area to Long Beach Port? Just figured I try n keep the cost in house? Anyone?

  5. Hey Freedom, how are the roads out there?

    • Despite “Absolute Calm” Claim, Venezuela Appears Just A Little Out Of Control
      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/13/2014 13:53 -0500

      Twitter Twitter


      President Maduro and President Obama have stated (fully supported by Argentina):

      However, between armed groups reportedly firing shots (aiming at Obama’s effigy) which the Students Assembly was carrying and caused the disappearance of the protest leader, the protests appear to be anything but “calm.” Venezuela’s leaders have stated that the worship of Obama is “out of hand. Ortega seems to be tyring to downplay the seriousness of this cult.


  6. texan59 says:

    The FCC going into the newsrooms of America. TV, radio, and newspapers across the country. This will not end well. 👿

    • freedom1781 says:

      Yep, and that’s not all. There have been grumblings for quite some time about “bailouts” for newspapers. (We all know what the “bailouts” truly are in disguise.) Every time I hear a politician, i.e. Dick Durbin and Chuck F.U. Shumer among others, blurt out that idea, I cringe. Trust me, Congress and this administration are cooking it up. It will be under the radar for a little bit longer until they get their plans ironed out a little more. I watched a show on PBS last year where someone brought it up for discussion; everyone on the panel thought it was a good idea. Shocked, I am not. They are completely clueless…or are they…?

      Oh, Congress and the administration have some other sinister things up their sleeves regarding bloggers and First Amendment rights. Once the FCC gets its way with TV, radio and newspapers, they are coming after bloggers, particularly conservative blogs. Scary stuff.

  7. Sometimes I feel like taking every one of the AP releases and add our own “disinformation” and reposting it. 😉

    • French reader says:

      Here a video of an anti-islam demo I marched with in Paris.
      In France, only laicists (seculars) are doing something against the green pest. Most laicists are Christians, The catholic church is not doing much as far as I know. As for the Protestants (I was brought up as a calvinist), it is even worse.

  8. Knight4GFC says:

    DHS. 141,160 rounds. Expensive rounds. Match-grade.

    Hornady .308 Win 168gr A-MAX TAP Ammunition
    Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-14-Q-00004
    Agency: Department of Homeland Security
    Office: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
    Location: ICE-OAQ-MS

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