Open Thread, Tuesday 18 February 2014

Here’re 17 facts you may not know about Gilligan’s Island, from Neatorama.


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45 Responses to Open Thread, Tuesday 18 February 2014

  1. texan59 says:

    Finally something I can understand. 😆

  2. texan59 says:

    Iranian hacking of Navy computers “much more extensive” than first thought. Looks like our gov’t. ought to clean up their own house before worrying about mine. 👿

  3. texan59 says:

    Grunt – A little backstory on that rye whiskey I got ya for your birthday. 🙂

  4. Obama-backed Syrian rebels lay siege to Christian village, behead children. Are you happy with how your tax dollars are being spent?

  5. texan59 says:

    Who knew? Exchanges set up to help you spend more money on health insurance, not less. FYI, this is a feature set up by the gov’t., not the insurance companies.

  6. See, I would have thought “Dumbo.”

  7. Holy Hoppalong! From Breitbart.

  8. freedom1781 says:

    It’s Happening In Real Time. Pay Attention.

    “It’s time to pay attention, liberals, because the downfall is happening in real time. No need to crack a book to learn history’s lessons of the end run of socialism. Just turn your eyes to Venezuela.”

    I hate communism!!

  9. Tweet from David Burge today:
    “I don’t want a car that gets more than 60 miles per gallon, I want a government that gets more than 3 hours per billion.”

  10. Freedom, have you heard of this Mike Dickinson Democrat douchebag running for Congress in VA?

    Diogenes blogged about him today:
    Like the blogger TalkStraight says: “Nothing says ‘open minded and tolerant’ like calling for the government to ‘monitor and regulate’ free speech and ignore protection of the press.”

  11. Buena Vista, Colorado IED.

    Weird situation. The report says “near a highway”, but that’s not true. It’s right outside the library in downtown (old town) Bueney. So it might have been set to scare people in the middle of town or as revenge against someone working there, like the cleaning lady who found it in her truck.

    The “bomb” was discovered to be a dud about 2 hours ago.

  12. Still wondering why the State Dept pushed so hard to install Mohamad Morsi and then to tried to get him back after he was deposed? Because Morsi’s wife and Hillary Clinton have been friends since 1980, that’s why.

    • barnslayer says:

      So it’s basically a half-assed thermos.
      The army started using these arctic canteens in the 60’s.

      Or a high-tech remake of these….
      The first designs for an insulated cup emerged in 1946. The Tervis Tumbler followed soon after…

      • texan59 says:

        Hey…… I read it on the interwebs and I’m not exactly a rocket surgeon, so I thought it was some newfangled whizbang deal. 😉

        • This might actually be a good thing. If the “magic fluid” between the walls can keep me from burning my face off, like I just did a few days ago, then I’m all for it. We’ll see if they can get it to production.

  13. texan59 says:

    Posted without comment. 🙂

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