Another year older and deeper in debt

Barack Obama has been punishing America with his babies ever since he was inaugurated, and there have been so many of them that it’s hard to keep them all straight. That must be why I managed to miss the anniversary earlier this week of Obama’s 2009 stimulus — you know, the trillion-dollar boondoggle that was supposed to turn the economy around, eliminate unemployment, repair America’s roads and bridges, spread peace and happiness, slow the rise of the oceans, heal the planet, and so on. Of course it did nothing of the kind, and if such a colossal failure had been committed by a Republican president, the media would be all over it. But since Obama’s teflon coating shields him against any kind of scrutiny by the mainstream media, the fifth anniversary of this ruinously expensive debacle passed unremarked… except by a few conservative political cartoonists, who do the job the state-controlled media won’t do.

For further enlightenment:

Minimum Wage Hike Attacks Young and Industriousby Terence Jeffrey

Dependency, Not Poverty, by Walter Williams

Five Years Later: How’s That Wreckovery Working Out? by Michelle Malkin

Unemployment Is Freedom, by David Harsanyi

The Democrats’ War on Work, by Roger Simon

Income Inequality at the White House, by Arnold Ahlert

Eating Our Young, by Victor Davis Hanson

Why Democrats Hate Work, by Ben Shapiro

Two Americas, by Bob Lonsberry

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23 Responses to Another year older and deeper in debt

  1. Amen! We hardly notice those few extra trillion on the debt, but our children will notice. Barack, you suck! 👿

  2. texan59 says:

    👿 👿

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