Sen. Dianne Feinstein Stripped of Title; No Longer Considered ‘Least Insane’ of Prominent California Politicians

At a dinner Wednesday night, Sen. Feinstein spoke at length with the Pacific Council on International Policy, and she made it clear using numerous non sequiturs and outrageously imbecilic remarks that she is tired of lurking in the shadows of her normally more stupid colleagues.  In the spirit of the Olympics, she’s “going for the gold,” herself.  Coverage of the event provided by the LA Times.  Commentary by Grunt.

Gruntington Post:  For many years, the most prominent political dynasties of California, those with the most influence in Washington, have been widely regarded, even within the state, as certifiably retarded.  Opinions vary about why California voters prefer that their representatives be functionally insane, but the consensus seems to be that the entertainment value is high.  Identical situations occur frequently in other Democrat stronghold states like Delaware and Minnesota.  Democrats just know how to have a good time, and they prefer to do it by laughing at their politicians while they gradually turn their states into third-world hell holes.  Apparently Democrats also hate their own children, but that discussion is beyond the scope of this article.Senate Votes On Nomination Of Robert Wilkins For US Circuit Judge In DC

Jerry1The current Cirque de Bouffonnerie includes the two U.S. Senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Rep. and former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Governor Jerry Brown.  The Governor hasn’t really been in office that long, but his record of outrageous insanity goes way back to when he held the office once before in the 1980s, AKA the “Golden Years of California Self-Destruction.”  None of the Governors in between have risen above the level of common psychopath, including the last one, actor Arnold Schwarzeneggar, who is a nominal Republican but, among other things, once threatened CA lawmakers with a large knife in a video message.

Screen shot 2012-03-02 at 10.56.59 AM-600x320All four of these low-wattage high-achievers have earned their place on the “special bus” of CA politics by championing the most insane, destructive policies and speaking in meaningless gibberish without a hint of self-awareness or shame.  Who can forget Sen. Boxer’s arrogant and misinformed tirade during questioning of Gen. Michael Walsh?  Perhaps the state is most proud of Nancy Pelosi, whose recent statement about criticism of Eric Holder was declared “mind-numbingly stupid” by South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy.  But through the decades of ineptitude, Senator Feinstein managed to rack up a little more respect as the most serious and least psychotic of the motley bunch.

1379509416-imagesThat all changed last night.  Despite what the LA Times calls a “historic low” in her popularity, probably due to her recent epic attempts to strip the U.S. Constitution of its Second Amendment entirely, she chose to double-down on her grossly unpopular defense of the NSA in its domestic spying. “What keeps me up at night, candidly, is another attack against the United States. And I see enough of the threat stream to know that is possible,” Feinstein said, during after-dinner discussion last night.  She supported this statement by pointing out that DHS had just issued a warning of a new threat of “shoe bombers” entering the U.S. on flights from foreign countries.

Who doesn’t worry about shoe bombers?  That worked out so well for terrorists last time it was tried, I know I’m terrified of it.  I think about it every friggin’ time I have to take my shoes off at the airport, which is – let’s see – EVERY time.  So, yeah, this just makes me want to go out and kiss an NSA monitor, for protecting us from shoe bombers.  Meanwhile, I try to forget that they’re completely ignoring actual terrorist threats, like THIS.

images-1Feinstein continued.  “But the way we prevent another attack – and this is tricky – is intelligence,” she said.  Yeah.  No shit.  Can we get some of that?  When asked about Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA abuses, the senator stated with not a hint of absurdity that Snowden had other options in his role as whistle-blower, such as turning to her.  I’m not kidding.  She really suggested that.  I know that has always worked out for me when I had questions about classified information that was being abused by my bosses under direction of the President of the United States.  I just find a retarded U.S. Senator to protect me and give me guidance.  They always drop what they’re doing, in the middle of important fund-raisers with obscenely rich people, and listen to me.

Seriously though, Sen. Feinstein pointed out that we should feel completely safe with all our personal information, including where we hide the home-defense shotgun and wiretap info from our wives’ past affairs and interviews of our illegal candy dealers from when we were in elementary school, in the hands of the FedGov, “when there are only 22 people in our country who have access to this database and every one of them is vetted,” she said.  She neglected to say that all 22 of those people are Bulgarian contractors, but they’ve been vetted.  Just like Samantha Power was vetted.  And John Kerry the anti-American demonstrator and Valerie Jarrett and the mystery dude at the Resolute Desk in the White House was vetted.  Do you feel better?  I feel better.

tumblr_inline_mfp7r9vqiX1qij8k6As if this wasn’t all crazy enough, while she was munching on risotto and sea bass (one of the most endangered fish on the planet, BTW), she spent a good deal of time praising long-time traitorous Communist SecState John F. Kerry, who is at this moment one of the most internationally mocked and derided officials ever to “serve” the people of the USA.  She expressed urgency for his mission of funding actual Christian-slaughtering, baby-killing, al Qaeda terrorists who oppose the Syrian government.  “How we do this, I can’t say,” she said. “I don’t think we can continue to sit and see what’s happening in Syria.”  Apparently we need to pay the al Qaeda operatives more billions than we already have.  Honestly, I’m not even sure how to comment on this clueless statement by the Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee about this bloody conflict and our catastrophic policies regarding it.  She was saved from commenting further when Morgan Fairchild, who was at a nearby table, grew visibly uncomfortable with the excessive praise given to SecState Kerry, and the LA Times reporter asked if this meant that he was a better SecState than Hillary Clinton had been.  “I think he’s different,” Feinstein said. “Hillary did a great deal, I think, in carrying the American mission abroad in the most positive way — to women, to minorities, to everybody. I think she’s just wonderful. What John has been doing is concentrating on specifics and going after them…. He’s got his hands on and he is indefatigable.”  This ended that discussion, since U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and his Benghazi staff were not available for comment on SecState Clinton’s prowess during her *cough* service.

diane-feinstein-3As a final thrill to the evening, the assembled glitterati were treated to some laughs and smirks as Senator Feinstein joked about state government’s failure to address the catastrophic water crisis in the Golden State.  “I am of the view there ought to be a bond issue and I’ve talked to the governor about it, and he’s been, I don’t know where he stands on it,” Feinstein said.  She briefly looked down at some uneaten asparagus on her plate, perhaps wondering where vegetables would come from this summer when the entire Central Valley, legendary food basket of the nation, would be a smoldering 150 degree desert wasteland.

I actually just made that last part up, about the asparagus, but the wasteland is real, and her quotes here are accurate and real, as taken from the LA Times story.  Likewise, the insanity and hopelessness are also completely real.


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9 Responses to Sen. Dianne Feinstein Stripped of Title; No Longer Considered ‘Least Insane’ of Prominent California Politicians

  1. Coyote says:

    Considering all this, reconsider this, and this time…dare yourself to lie to yourself.
    Watch…and LISTEN:

    What is your GUT reaction this time?

    Do you get it now?

  2. texan59 says:

    I notice that all of these smart people are more than willing for you and me to let them know everything about us, but just ask them some inane question about how much their husband has made off of the gov’t. teat and they go all bat-snot crazy on you. Scroo all of ’em. There’s a reason that I don’t go to any town hall meetings in the area.

  3. Just when I thought Dianne was taking over the role of “most insane,” Nancy shows who’s boss in the Evil Politician Corruption Olympics.

  4. Well done, Grunt! Suitable for framing!

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