Open Thread, Saturday 1 March 2014



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12 Responses to Open Thread, Saturday 1 March 2014

  1. Knight4GFC says:

    SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine — As Russian-backed armed forces effectively seized control of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula on Saturday, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia requested —and received — authorization from the Russian Senate to use military force in Ukraine.

    The actions signaled publicly for the first time the Kremlin’s readiness to intervene militarily in Ukraine, and it served as a blunt response to President Obama, who just hours earlier pointedly warned Russia to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

    Within hours after receiving Mr. Putin’srequest, Russia’s upper house of parliament, the Federation Council, voted to approve it, after a debate that warned of the apocalyptic consequences of failing to stop a fascist threat from spreading to Russia’s borders. The lawmakers direct considerable fury at President Obama and others in the West they accused of fomenting the upheaval in Ukraine.

    The vote was unanimous among the 90 members present for the debate, and it was clear that forces allied with Moscow were largely in control of the disputed peninsula. Read more here:

    • barnslayer says:

      Funny how communists worry about fascists.
      It’s starting to smell like the USSR again.

      • So, when Commies use the word “fascist state,” they mean “free republic?” Weird how that works.

        • barnslayer says:

          I defy any communist or fascist to show real differences between the two.

          • Not meant to upset you Barn…but i’ll defy anyone to tell me that NY and any other state that is taking away your rights to own firearms is not headed in the same facist/communistic direction!!!

            • That’s true enough of my state, which is slipping down the fascist slope, even if some are fighting back.

              • Well Hawaii thinks it’s a race and can’t catch up on some things and keep ahead on others. They’re still trying to find a way to take our weapons away from us. Problem is we are a military state and have a very high ownership/population rate. But like BO our Gov just signs the bills into order even though the people vote it down twice. Yet they still vote party lines every time. Pretty stupid!

        • Kind of sounds like where the Free Republic” state of New York is headed after they finish rounding up all the weapons. Freedom heh!

  2. barnslayer says:

    Anyone know how to translate a whole page?

    • Yes. Go to Google Translate and click on “Translate File.” If I remember, you might have to cut and paste, but that’s not always necessary.

      • barnslayer says:

        Good night all .

        I Mkrtchyan Artem owning 2 ( two units ), small arms , officially declare :

        The right to own the firearm every citizen .

        I ask everyone, especially my friends and acquaintances , start -Ukraine action ” gun rights – the right to protection .” Aim and objective of this action is the introduction of the Constitution of Ukraine inalienable right for anyone mentally healthy citizen with no criminal record to possess, carry and use cold, throwing , firearms according to the Laws of Ukraine. Excluded from the Criminal Code of Ukraine articles restricting the right approaches, tools, and self-defense , eliminate the notion of ” self-defense ” .

        This statement is written in order to attract public attention to the problem of self-protection of Ukrainian citizens in peacetime from criminals and state tyranny , and to prevent interference _lyubyh _ states in the internal affairs of our country.

        The grounds were multiple treatment of my friends who know that I am one of the activists of weapons movement in Ukraine , with the question about the possibility of gaining access to weapons to protect their homes and families are not so quiet times . If possible , I help unite people with the right to bear arms to those who need protection for joint action.

        Do not be indifferent example of the present day , the lack of police protection prostestuyuschih , a direct threat to the sovereignty of the country , the ease with which foreign troops cross the border , make us act !

        UPD Offered : Everyone who is interested in promoting civic initiatives to join me for implementation. Without regard to partisanship , language, color and other differences.

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