Open Thread, Tuesday 4 March 2014

Earl’s take on our current humiliation.


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32 Responses to Open Thread, Tuesday 4 March 2014

  1. solaratov says:

    Read this article. It’s a pretty good 10-week plan for prepping from starting with nothing and going to, at least, ‘adequate’.
    It has a lot of good ideas and the links are handy. (careful of the Wiggy’s link, though. I got a threat warning on that link from AVG. I’ll check later and see if there is a safe way into their site – because they have super gear.)

    Defensive Training Group is a site that might be useful to list, too, on our prepper sites.



    • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

      Hey, when do you sleep??? Didn’t you get up to make coffee for the crew at 4am, over 2 hours ago??? And you were blogging at midnight? You must have some powerful java over there. 😯

  3. tessa50 says:

    Sure, nothing could go wrong. Why do this if they say humans wouldn’t be effected?

  4. tessa50 says:

    I had put this here earlier but I don’t see it, so trying again. Sorry if it doubles.

    This is nice.

    • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

      That’s a good one. I can’t find the earlier one stuck in moderation, so it must not have gotten posted somehow the first time. Sorry about that!

  5. What A Hoot says:

    OK. Who wants to take a stab at giving a little primer on Ukrania and what is going on; some history. But not too much. I tried to explain and realized I beeze a’lacking? In layman’s term, so to speak; maybe a link? Thanks.

  6. texan59 says:

    Had one of these bad boys swoop across our porch yesterday morning and annihilate a white-wing. We had a few feathers left and it sounded like me getting hit by Dick Butkus. Cooper’s Hake/Blue Darter Hawk/Chicken Hawk. 😯

    • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

      Tex, I apologize. I wiped your image address, so I put up another photo of a Coopers Hawk. It’s probably all wrong, so if you can dig up that link again, I’ll repost. Sorry!

    • GruntOfMonteCristo says:


    • barnslayer says:

      Yep. Everyone got richer. Except those that:
      – won’t get hired
      – got cut to part time
      – got laid off
      – are spending more now than they did with their old insurance
      – are going to die sooner due to oblamercare (you can’t work if you’re dead)

  7. Coyote says:

    some interesting results:

    Pay attention to the last part…

  8. Coyote says:

    Statewide Texas results:

    Look at the Props 1 through 6

    • barnslayer says:

      That looks good! God bless Texas!!!

    • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

      Well, I can’t argue with any of those, but especially like #6. πŸ˜€

    • texan59 says:

      The only one that gets my goat is another Bush in office. George P getting the nod for Land Commish. Keep out da Bush’s. We need to get Paxton in as AG and Patrick over Dewhurst. Maybe with some new blood we can get the squishy Speaker out of his chair, even though he won his race easily. πŸ™‚

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