Open Thread, Friday 7 March 2014

Out and about on the trails

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34 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 7 March 2014

  1. texan59 says:

    Not all selfie’s are bad. Happy Friday all. 🙂

  2. What A Hoot says:

    Anyone following the “Spoiled Brat From NJ” story? There is talk going on and the theme gaining traction is the parents were liberals who raised their child liberal and therefor should lose and be made to live by the consequences of their liberal teachings. Are the parents liberal? I mean, where is that coming from. Or is it an assumption that conservative-at-home raised children always turn out conservative children that never, ever rebel? Does this person sound like a bleeding heart liberal:
    “Chief Canning is a strong proponent of Community Policing and public outreach as well as the “Broken Windows” theory of law enforcement. This was so successfully employed in New York City under Mayor Giuliani. This translates into enforcement of minor offenses before more major crimes and offenses become tolerated and permitted by a community at large.”

    Also, Canning was appointed to administrator by Republican Mayor Greanbaum, listed here with other Republican mayors

    Sure, neither of these leads prove NOT a flaming liberal parent but perhaps more checking out is needed before broadly applying “stick it to them even if against basic premise of individual rights outlined in Constitution”.

    Another thing flying around and noone challenging/correcting is the story that the dad, (Mr. Canning) got his daughter drunk to the point of puking and passing out. Now maybe I just don’t know how to read but when I go to the link provided to back up these claims I find something different. Am I reading this wrong, that it was not the dad but …..

    “The millionaire attorney funding a ‘spoiled’ cheerleader’s lawsuit against her own parents let the teenager drink in his house, threw ‘alcoholic parties’ and apparently allowed her to have her first drop of booze, according to court documents.
    When Rachel Canning was a 15-year-old freshman she got so drunk on vodka at Jon Inglesino’s home that she was sick all over the sidewalk and into a garbage can after her dad Sean picked her up for a basketball game.
    And according to the Canning family, Inglesino’s wife Amy gave Rachel and her friends wine coolers in the back of a limo bound for New York on her daughter’s 15th birthday.”
    Read more:


    ZM, you are in the conversation over at the illustrious treehause; what am I missing? Am I reading it incorrectly? Did I miss the reporting about the parents being liberal and where that got established? I am a bit shy on coffee levels this a.m. so could be reading incorrectly; is it saying the DAD was waking daughter up middle of night to binge drink? Where did this come from? I have asked in several blog forums discussing, and they refer back to their “source” the treehause. What am I missing? Thanks, with a wee bit of remorse of putting you in the middle 🙂

    • Shalini says:

      I haven’t visited the treehouse in a while (To be honest, I haven’t visited ANY place in a while) but I did read the story first at and the idea that the parents must be liberals is pure assumption made by commenters in the site. At least, that’s what I think. The assumption comes from the parents’ statement that they haven’t denied their daughter anything and that they weren’t strict parents or something to that effect.

      What I do know from the the facts reported is that the friend’s father/attorney who’s helping the girl with the lawsuit, Jon Inglesino, is governor Chris Christie’s friend.

    • solaratov says:

      I read a piece where the father said that he and his wife tried to be/were as “liberal as possible” with the girl. He said that he was “much harder on” the cops who worked for him; but that he was not a ‘disciplinarian’ at home.
      I don’t know why he expected his daughter to become anything other than the spoiled, entitled little b*tch that she seems to have become.


  3. Shalini says:

    Whether you believe in the visions of mother Mary in Medjugorje or not, I thought this was a good article. If you are not Catholic, you can just try reading the article ignoring the parts about Mary’s visions.

  4. texan59 says:

    Zuckerberg seems to have his panties all twisted up. First, they decide to take gun-related sites down and now MOTUS has been 86’d since she ain’t a real person. Hope he’s cashed out all his stock because pretty soon it’s gonna look like Enron.

  5. UC Berkeley Hoopla on “White Privilege” edumacation.
    Thanks to Barack, I’m not feeling very privileged. But it’s probably just because I’m too stoopid to know better. 👿

  6. texan59 says:

    Hey Grunt – your homies are doing some bang-up research out in the hinterlands! 😆

    • Cyanogen Chloride?? That doesn’t sound good. Leave it to PU to make us afraid to get in the water. I’m kinda surprised that an “environmental studies” recommended something so common-sensical as “Don’t pee in the pool.” I would expect them to tell us we can’t chlorinate because someone *may* pee in the pool. Maybe I shouldn’t give them any bright ideas, though. 😯

  7. Pistol Pete says:

    Last night the ghetto queen held a celebration of ‘women of soul’ at the Spite House.
    As usual,Barky HAD to be the center of attention.
    He mentioned the title of Aretha Franklin’s biggest #1 hit.
    It has seven letters.
    The so-called ‘smartest man in the room’ almost spelled it right.

  8. Pistol Pete says:

    The Obama Vacation is ON

    From White House Dossier

    The world can wait.

    Despite the momentous events in Eastern Europe, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have decided not to cancel their scheduled vacation in the Florida Keys.

    According to the White House Schedule, the Obamas will travel to Miami Friday for an official event, which will be done by mid afternoon, and then proceed to Key Largo for the weekend.

    There,they are set to relax at the ritzy Ocean Reef Club, which has two championship golf courses.

    The Obamas have already vacationed this year in Hawaii, where they rang in the New Year. On Presidents Day Weekend, he traveled to California for a golf extravaganza while she skied Aspen.

    This sends exactly the wrong signal to everyone involved in the current crisis and to the jackals around the world watching to gauge American resolve and seriousness. I think the criticism of this will extend well beyond White House Dossier and the handful of others who routinely track Obama’s frivolousness.

    But, what the heck – it’s golf, and I’m sure Michelle really wants to go

  9. texan59 says:

    This should send chills down your spine. 👿

  10. solaratov says:

    Interesting information about a SHTF vehicle…

    As much as I don’t like diesels, I’m going to see if I can learn a bit more about this.


    • Dammit. I keep forgetting, I can’t click on something called “” while I’m logged into a government computer. They give me a big old error page and log my activity for wrist slapping later. Grrrrrr.

  11. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! 🙂

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