Pay Those Taxes, Peasant; This Kind of Elitism Doesn’t Come Cheap

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13 Responses to Pay Those Taxes, Peasant; This Kind of Elitism Doesn’t Come Cheap

  1. kp152 says:

    Really? I’d be hard-pressed to think of a President, besides FDR, that didn’t play golf. Why is Obama different?

    • And most of those Presidents played golf at Camp David, which was already secure and didn’t require that entire communities be displaced by his presence. Right now, disgruntled vacationers at this club on Key Largo have been told that their vacations have been “cancelled” due to a high-profile guest who requires unique security. This has happened over a hundred times in the last 5 years, and it’s unprecedented for a U.S. President.

      There’s nothing wrong with playing golf. Are you aware of how many rounds of golf he’s played over the last 5 years? I don’t know what the current number is, but he hit 150 rounds last fall.

      As a comparison, GW Bush played 24 rounds before he gave it up entirely because he thought it was a bad image for a President during wartime.’s-vacations-and-golfing-by-the-numbers–165241111.html

      But the worst thing about this particular vacation, aside from the enormous cost, is the timing. The Ukraine and Venezuela are in flames. Russia is having its citizens do nuclear fallout drills for the first time in decades as they go to war in Crimea and confront the US directly. But in the midst of it, after calling for deep cuts in the military, putting even more people out of work, practically leaving America defenseless and leaving everyone with frightened questions about who’s in charge, he plays golf at an exclusive club in Florida.

      But, you ask what’s wrong with this President playing golf, if he’s just like any other President. The answer is nothing, if he were just like any other President. But he’s not like any other President. This one is an elitist.

    • barnslayer says:

      I’m sure the stats comparing him to others regarding golf is available. The bigger question is how has he helped America? I can’t think of a more polarizing, self- centered, and intentionally unConstitutional dictator that has ever occupied the office than this POS.

    • The National Debt is now more than double (up more than 101%) since the day that then-Senator Obama became part of the majority, and then-President Bush became part of the minority (January 3, 2007).

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