From 1974 to 2014: Forty Years into the ‘War on Boys’ and Still Going Strong

The so-called “War on Boys” is not a “victim” crime any more than the “Sexual Revolution” directly hurt girls who were silly enough to plunge into it’s dangerous waters.  No one thinks you should feel sorry for the “victims” of this war, for having too much fun, and I wouldn’t encourage it.  Rather, like all follies of the Left, these movements served to corrode our culture and to corrupt our virtue.  No one has been untouched.  We have all suffered as a result.

To take just one indicator, surveys of global happiness (by Pew Global, for instance), consistently show that people in Latin America are far happier than America or Europe, the bastions of feminism and leftism.  In the happiest spot of the American/European sphere, Denmark, permanent use of anti-depressants has exceeded 40% of the entire population.  The hundreds of millions of children killed by abortion genocide in these unhappy countries are, not coincidentally, unavailable to take the happiness survey.THAT GIRL

The war on boys didn’t start in 1974, but it was the year Marlo Thomas debuted her child propaganda masterpiece “Free to Be … You and Me,” which aired on ABC March 11th of that year.  Remember Marlo?  I do.  I remember her as the happy face pasted on top of everything that was wrong with America in 1974, covering up a grotesque and disturbing reality that even an 11-year-old could identify.  She was, and continues to be, a decent person, just like I’m sure that Jane Fonda is basically a decent person.  But both have done tremendous damage to the fabric of our culture.

Just yesterday, Kyle Smith of the New York Post wrote a reflective piece about “Free to Be …” and how it was a low-point in the emasculation of men:

The show, which is of course unwatchable today except perhaps in states with generous attitudes toward self-medication such as Colorado and Washington, was an hour-long special that meant to tell little girls they could be anything they wanted, and little boys they could be anything they wanted too, provided that what they wanted was to be girls.

Today, not much has changed.  At least, not in a good way.  As Tammy Bruce pointed out yesterday in her interview with Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins:

Look, there is a culture through the left that wants to emasculate the nation as a whole. It’s through the military, of course, you see Obama trying to do that, as well. We see it through what’s happening in education. Political correctness itself was meant to end the notion that we could have direct conversations, that we could be ambitious, that we could be our own people.

Men are seen, of course, by the feminist movement and by the left who are led by the same individuals as those with the feminist-movement mentality. And they see the best way to emasculate the nation–certainly to cut it off at its knees–is to start with the children. And the biggest threat there are little boys.

If you can change the mentality of little boys, train them from an early age to not be who they are–and that’s, of course, what the left’s general attitude is for everyone in this country… Ironically, I think the most difficult people to train in that way are little boys.

She was talking in response to numerous recent events in which young boys have been charged and suspended from school for making hand gestures that resemble guns.  She adds:

It’s obscene. It’s an obscene attempt to effectively brainwash an entire generation. We see this in fascism all the time, but in America the absurdity is that we do it in the name of saving the children. We effectively lie to people to get the same dynamic in.

It is a truly grotesque effort to create a society of frightened people.

UPDATE: Amazing response to the #BanBossy movement by Matt Walsh.


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2 Responses to From 1974 to 2014: Forty Years into the ‘War on Boys’ and Still Going Strong

  1. texan59 says:

    I have a cousin who travels to college campus’s espousing his righteous indignation about the evils of hazing in fraternities, bullying and college sex and what and when does no mean no. I see him as well-intentioned, and grossly misled. What he is doing now is just a manifestation of all this drivel started many years ago.
    I don’t think there are many out there who favor young kids dying while getting in a fraternity, bullying and rape. I know that I don’t. Just like I don’t favor polluting our rivers and stream, making granny eat cat food, or forcing children to work 60 hours a week.
    He will post things periodically on FB, which I feel a certain obligation to respond to, typically in opposition to, which will make upcoming family reunions fun, but what I find interesting are other responses, many from guys his own age – he’s 40. I would say about half agree and half disagree. All is not lost, but I see responses in favor of his position posited by “men” who cannot put a sentence or thought together with anything but platitudes of the namby-pamby left. I view it as an indictment of the poor educational system they’ve been run through. There is no critical thinking involved. No look forward to where their ideas will lead to. It’s bad enough that we have the radical left running the country right now, but I also fear what it will be like when we have these guys running the country in my old age.

    • Agree completely. There’s a tendency everywhere, even in conservative corners, to consider the prevailing leftard “wisdom” as gospel that cannot be questioned. That’s the way they’ve set us up. And it permeates everything.

      Just one example that’s always chapped my ass. My wife and I both come from fairly conservative, traditional families. My wife, God bless her, is a godly woman who takes her faith and her service to her family seriously. And she’s an outstanding wife. Just outstanding. But EVEN SHE has a knee-jerk tendency, adopted from the leftard culture, to look at things through a feminist lens.

      If a woman – any woman – wants something, it’s probably because it’s necessary and good and NO MAN can question it. But anything a man desires is immediately deemed a selfish waste of time, at best. At worst, it’s very likely illegal and/or a moral abomination. And I’m not talking about sex or gun purchases. I mean things that SHOULD be shared decisions, like household decisions and child-raising. Exceptions are made, but only after DECADES of argument. It’s a huge, multiply-nested double-standard, and we can thank feminists for it, I think.

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