Open Thread, Tuesday 18 March 2014



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35 Responses to Open Thread, Tuesday 18 March 2014

  1. Another snowy day, today, around here.

  2. Hope you all were able to sleep off some of the fun last night. We tried to finish off some old Jameson that nobody wanted, and man, that was a mistake. *ouch*

    • zmalfoy says:

      Yanno what?! Imma come out of the whiskey closet: I have Jameson in my cabinet, and I enjoy it! πŸ˜›

      That may just be cuz the only thing I’ve compared it to is Jack, which goes down like an angry kitten. . . and I’m sure this means I gotta expand my palate. . . But I like my little green bottle. . . so there! Nyah!!

      • *snork* Oh, yeah?? πŸ˜† All I got to say is, we need to start screening our admins more carefully. Don’t let GFC or Knight find out you like Jameson! I don’t want to be around when they do! πŸ˜€ But I respect you for coming clean on that, Zoph. You’re a brave woman. πŸ™‚

        • zmalfoy says:

          Look, if they want to “educate” by crass, ignorant palate, they are welcome to send me samples of their preferred choices. Feel free to give them my address. πŸ˜›

          • Buena idea! But we don’t even know your address. We’d have to wander around suburban Maryland asking the oak trees if they know Haldabarad or whatever his name is. πŸ˜‰

            • zmalfoy says:

              -_- . . . I could have sworn . . . well, if they’re that offended by my taste, I’ll share my address in the backroom . . .

              • I was just kidding around. But who knows? Maybe the Hawaiian dudes will want to send you some samples. If they do, make sure you request some of the chocolate covered squid they sent me. πŸ˜‰ That actually wasn’t bad.

              • zmalfoy says:

                Will do! *salutes* πŸ™‚

              • solaratov says:

                Don’t worry about it, Zoph. Back in my drinking days, I sure drank my share of Jameson’s. I preferred Old Bushmills, of course…but Irish IS Irish. πŸ˜‰

                And, if people don’t like or approve of the booze you choose…they can always go out and buy their own……instead of drinkin’ yours for free.

                (BTW…most booze snobs can’t tell what they’re drinkin’ after the third or fourth shot, anyway. πŸ‘Ώ )


              • Hey! I heard that. Just cause I’m busy and crazy as heck don’t think you can get away with whikey thinkin! πŸ™‚ Gotta hand it to the taste buds of Sol, Grunt and Knight but hey Zoph Irish whiskey is Irish and we just move up from there in “mature” taste ;). That reminds me, Mrs GFC bought us a bottle of Hawaiian Moonshine (100 proof) and I was surprised how easy it went down! I gotta figure a way to send you a bottle Grunt.

              • That Hawaiian moonshine sounds good! Don’t worry about sending, though. I think we may be out to see you guys this summer anyway. We can sample it with yas!

              • Now that sounds even better! πŸ™‚ We’ll go fishing right after we hit the Chocolate factory, then finish up the day with some moonshine. πŸ™‚ oh riiiiight!

              • I look forward to it! When we go out on the boat, I can bring my diving gear and act as sharkbait. Sharks can’t resist fat haoli divers. I’ll just go down with a line and lasso a big mako by the tail, and you can haul it up. There’s nothing like fresh mako kababs. πŸ˜€

              • Ha ha ha! You do the fishing, I’ll do the catching! I promise I WON”T use you for bait! We don’t want to lure any sharks to take a chunk outa our tuna! And I think marlin or shibi kabobs are just fine. Of course I can see how many humu’s you can free gaft when there stealing all our chum! πŸ˜‰ I’ll bring a saddle so you can ride a big grander if we manage to hook one. πŸ™‚

              • Deal! Marlin would be mo’ betta’ anyhow!

              • Great, now all we have to do is get Barn to come with us but that would be like pulling teeth ;).

  3. If you were Poland, wouldn’t you be asking Joe Biden if this was the same “promise” he gave to Ukraine and Crimea? Awkward.

  4. barnslayer says:

    Not WW2. Prague 1968. That’s Soviet hardware

  5. solaratov says:


  6. solaratov says:

    Interesting little blurb from AoSHQ…

    It looks like lil barry just loves changing laws on his own. (Who needs that pesky congress, anyway?) This is all about the “most transparent administration…evah”, I suppose.

    “Oh, and if you were thinking, “Hey, I’ll just FOIA the White House to get documents proving they’re engaged in unilateral assertions of power for political purposes:” You lose, my friend. Because they’ve already thought of that, and have unilaterally rewritten the FOIA law to protect politically sensitive documents.

    It’s Sunshine Week, so perhaps some enterprising White House reporter will ask press secretary Jay Carney why President Obama rewrote the Freedom of Information Act without telling the rest of America.

    The rewrite came in an April 15, 2009, memo from then-White House Counsel Greg Craig instructing the executive branch to let White House officials review any documents sought by FOIA requestors that involved “White House equities.”

    That phrase is nowhere to be found in the FOIA, yet the Obama White House effectively amended the law to create a new exception to justify keeping public documents locked away from the public.

    If you remember, when the White House and State were cooking their Benghazi story, the State Department insisted that any reference to prior signals about terrorism should be deleted, in order to “protect the equities” of the State Department.”


  7. Well, I wish I’d read this post sooner. Backs up what Sol said about real battle-ready ammo not being in boxes or loose.

    • barnslayer says:

      If you can’t get enough mags. put your ammo in stripper clips. I know Sol (and many others) are not big fans of ProMag but it might be worth getting a few and testing them out before you need them. Other makers mags are available too. Problems may not be universal for all weapon platforms (a company may make crap mags for AR15 but good for M14). BTW… all the mags on ebay are “10 round capacity” for the sake of listing there. If it looks like a typical 20 rounder it probably is.

      • Good points, Barn. Thanks. I’ll be trying to get a hold of stripper clips now that I know why they’re essential, but I’ll also experiment with various kinds of magazines and load up if I can afford it. This is not something I’ve paid enough attention to, clearly.

        • barnslayer says:

          I just looked on ebay for M1A mags. The new nudge nudge wink wink is the vender calling them 10 rds. but displaying the item along side a ruler. If you know the dimensions of what you want you’re good to go. Then there’s gunbroker too but they can be more straightforward about it.

          • Yeah, these new mags are so inefficient. They only hold 10 rds, but they take up so much volume! πŸ˜€

            • solaratov says:

              You had better be very, very careful about that. A lot of 10-round mags are 20-rounders that have been crimped or otherwise blocked to hold only 10 rounds. They use 20-rounders because a)it’s what they have; and b)the full-size mags look better in the gun (for display, etc.).
              If a dealer sells the mags as 10-round capacity, it’s doubtful that he’ll send you a 20-(or 25) rounder out of the goodness of his heart. There are legal considerations, too…and no one is going to get sued or arrested so that you can enjoy a normal-size mag.
              Your best bet is to travel out-of-state and buy what you need; or get a friend to buy what you need and send it to you for your birthday. πŸ˜‰
              If a dealer sells a mag as “10-round capacity”, count on it being so. DO NOT ASSUME that a mag will hold 20 rounds just because it’s the same size as a ‘real’ 20-rounder. You WILL get screwed!


              • solaratov says:

                And, the best mags are Checkmate. Both 20 and 25 rounders. They’re the .mil contractor. Not the cheapest – but the most reliable.

                Avoid the 30-round mags made by anybody.

              • That’s a good point, Sol. I know that at least the corporate suppliers I’ve had contact with are taking the bans very seriously, to the extent of eating a lot of losses when they have to pack up and ship stuff back and do paperwork when they’re shipped with the wrong magazines. I would guess that it might go both ways sometimes, but in general, people don’t risk the family bidness on principle if they don’t have to. Thanks for the Checkmate rec!

              • barnslayer says:

                Sol, I appreciate your healthy skepticism. The M1 carbine mags all look kosher. From what I’ve read a magazine would have to be permanently altered to make it legal in NY. You can’t just clip the spring and stick in a block of wood. I’ve also heard many locals here won’t go outside with amended mags cause of the extra attention they may get. So it’s aftermarket or nuthin for the range. The venders seem to be covering their butts as well as showing their hand by refusing to sell to NY etc.
                I don’t see but one m14 mag on all of ebay anyway.

              • All I know is, I’ve seem some very open and very obvious flouting of our mag bans here at public ranges, and nobody raises an eyebrow. Makes me smile. πŸ˜€

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