NY City Rats got Nothing on their Swedish Relatives

giant-dead-rat-AAAAAAAGHA Swedish family took it as a bad sign when their cat was too terrified to enter the kitchen.  Signe Bengtsson, from Solna, Sweden, eventually caught sight of an enormous rat feeding on trash in her kitchen.  At first, her husband, who was out of town at the time, didn’t believe her and asked her to calm down and wait a few days until he could get home.  In the meantime, the family avoided the rat by making lots of noise, as one would for avoiding bears in the backcountry.  By the time the husband returned, “the rat was so domesticated that it just sat under the kitchen table.”  For some reason, the family rejected the idea of keeping the rat as a pet and elected instead to call an exterminator.  Even then, the rat simply ran off with a heavy-duty rat trap around it’s neck, and had to be dispatched by another undisclosed method, possibly involving an elephant gun.  It’s also possible that it succumbed to the leftovers it ate.  When caught, the rat measured almost 16 inches long, not counting the tail.

Read the rest of the story at Breitbart.


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One Response to NY City Rats got Nothing on their Swedish Relatives

  1. When we were living in Cupertino, CA, I once trapped a huge Norwegian roof rat in the attic. The trap sprung at 2am, and we had to listen to the rat thrash around up there for the next 4 hours. I eventually went up there loaded for bear, but he didn’t put up too much of a fight, being tired by then. Still, big rat.

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