Yee Who? Media Not So Curious about Democrat CA Senator Arms Dealer

19th-leland-yee“The Leland Yee criminal complaint: legal document, or lost screenplay for a ludicrous low budget 1974 Kung Fu movie?”  This summary of the legal complaint against Democrat California state senator Leland Yee by David Burge indicates just how shocking and bizarre some of the details of his reported activities are.  The story is so incendiary, that the New York Times chose to print this AP summary on page A21 of today’s NY edition.

State Senator Leland Yee, who wrote gun-control legislation, asked for campaign donations in exchange for introducing an undercover F.B.I. agent to an arms trafficker, according to court documents unsealed Wednesday. The allegations were outlined in an F.B.I. affidavit accusing Mr. Yee, a Democrat, of conspiracy to deal firearms without a license and to illegally import firearms. He is also accused of accepting tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions and cash payments to provide introductions, help a client get a contract and influence legislation. Mr. Yee discussed helping the agent get weapons worth $500,000 to $2.5 million, including shoulder fired automatic weapons and missiles, and took him through the entire process of getting them from a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines to the United States, according to the affidavit. It said he was unhappy with his life and wanted to hide out in the Philippines. The affidavit said Mr. Yee, 65, sought to dig himself out of a $70,000 debt incurred during a failed 2001 San Francisco mayoral bid. He was released from custody Wednesday night.

Shockingly, the Times noted Mr. Yee’s party affiliation in this blurb, something that major news outlets have been neglecting to do throughout several recent high-profile political scandals, prompting commentators to refer to their party affiliation as: “mystery party,” which, of course, means Democrat Party.

“Unexpectedly,” major news sources have been ignoring this story completely today, except for a few, like the LA Times, which headlined this story as simply a “another blow against Democrats’ hold on the Senate.”  The writers of this particular story ludicrously spent an entire page bolstering Yee’s image as an inspiring influence on California politics, praising his gun control efforts (ironically) before finally getting to his charges after the jump to next page.

More from Burge’s Twitter feed:Yee4



Just to put this CNN search in perspective, the Leland Yee arms smuggling story has been percolating for days. He’s the President pro tem of the CA Senate. A search of his name at CNN only returns a positive reference to his violent video game legislation and a piece about Sarah Palin scandals. Palin, by the way, has not occupied political office for some time, we should note.


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3 Responses to Yee Who? Media Not So Curious about Democrat CA Senator Arms Dealer

  1. LA Times: Yee denounced “by gun lobby” as hypocrite, scum.,0,1570592.story#axzz2xHMxOnEt
    Sooooo, LA Times doesn’t think anyone but the “gun lobby” should denounce a terrorist, gun-trafficking state senator? Interesting. Noted.

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