Best of Ruin-a-Movie-Title

This contest has shown up on Twitter before, but the one just started by Cardigan at iOTW last night has generated some real genius wordplay.  Here are some of the best that add only a single word to the original title, and as a bonus, make fun of progressives:gods-law1

1. The African Queen President  (by Dr. Harry Reid)
2. Ten Things I Hate About You Democrats (by Chalupa)
3. The Blair Hillary Witch Project (by Chalupa)
4. The Man Who Never Knew Too Much (Obama) (by The Big Owe)
5. The Road To Progressive Perdition (by Chalupa)
6. The Thin Red Obama Line (by Chalupa)
7. George Stephanopoulos Of The Jungle (by Chalupa)
8. Enemy Of The Police State (by Chalupa)
9. Joe Biden Dirt (by Chalupa)
10. Reggie Love Story (by Dr. Harry Reid)
11. Live and Let Babies Die (the history of Planned Parenthood) (by Dr. Harry Reid)
12. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant Suits (by Dr. Harry Reid)
13. Dawn Of The Dead Voters (by Chalupa)
14. Economy Up In Smoke (by Dr. Harry Reid)
15. Escape from NY Taxes (by thirdtwin)
16. Job Lockdown (by thirdtwin)
17. The Color Purple Lips (by thirdtwin)
18. Planned Parenthood (by thirdtwin)
19. Twelve O’clock, Barack’s High (by thirdtwin)
20. Job Terminator (Czar of Defenestration)
21. ObamaCare Plan 9 from Outer Space (Czar of Defenestration)
22. All the President’s GirlyMen (by Grunt)
23. From Here to Socialist Eternity (Stranded in Sonoma)
24. The Ten Executive Commandments (by Bayouwulf)
25. Choom Gangs of NY (by Tony R)
26. My Life as a Dog Eater (by Moxie Man)
27. Total GM Recall (by Grunt)
28. Easy Rider Reggie (by Diogenes)
29. Lost in Obama’s America (by Moxie Man)
30. Meet the Goat Fockers (by Col. Angus)
31. Wet Dreams From My Father (by Moxie Man)
32. A Time to Kill ACA (by Col. Angus)
33. Gone with the Wind Turbines (by Geri)
34. Dirty Rotten Elected Scoundrels (by even steven)
35. No Country for Dirty Old Men (like Bob Menendez) (by Grunt)
36. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Kenyan (by Bad Brad)
37. Cinderella Man Child (by Chalupa)
38. Sin Tax City (by Chalupa)
39. Who’ll Stop the Rain Man? (by Callmelennie)
40. Dirty Harry Reid (by Callmelennie)
41. The Way We Were Deceived (by Callmelennie)
42. Rahm-adeus (by Stirrin the BS)
43. Zero Dark Thirty % Approval (by Chalupa)
44. Killing Field of Dreams (by Stirrin the BS)
45. The Summer of 42 Executive Orders (ok, 2 words) (by Stirrin the BS)
46. The Meghan McCain Mutiny (by Chalupa)
47. Annie Get Your Gun Permit (by Chalupa)
48. Kill The Bill (BozoCare) (by Chalupa)
49. First Lady and the Tramp (Stirrin the BS)
50. Rosemary’s Baby Daddy (by Chalupa)

Artwork from Earl of Taint.


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  1. ZurichMike says:

    These are funny!

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