Open Thread, Thursday 3 April 2014

This should be posted on a Monday, I know.


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18 Responses to Open Thread, Thursday 3 April 2014

  1. zmalfoy says:

    ! What is this madness!! O.O :

    This is pretty rad!! . . . And mildly concerning . . .

  2. ZurichMike says:

    Silly alligator. That elephant is going to heave up his trunk and slam that alligator onto the ground.

  3. Know Thy Enemy: Mr. Pinko from iOTW posted this bit of liberal propaganda today just to show the extent of disinformation that the left puts out. It’s pretty shameless.
    I particularly like the way this guy claims that “Obama has done more to unite the country than any President since Lincoln.” But in the same post, he talks about how the country is in the midst of a widespread secessionist movement. Also, race relations are worse than since the 60s. That’s some definition of “united” he’s got there. He’s also pretty funny with his debt numbers and even the vacation days are hilarious. How he figures Barack has only logged 92 days of vacation when he’s spent over 150 days just playing golf, is interesting. He also assumes that all time GWB spent in Texas at his western white house was “vacation.” I’m pretty sure he also counts the Thanksgiving Bush spent in Baghdad with the troops in a war zone as “vacation.” What a clown.

  4. texan59 says:

    Baghdad Bod says individual mandate’s gonna go. For once I hope he’s right.

  5. Some astonishing nonsense from Lt. Gen. Mark Milley after shooting.
    Another reporter asked if this heinous crime might lead to a change in policy so that soldiers on a military base can be armed to defend themselves. Milley did not indicate any support for changing the gun-free zone policy.

    Let’s get this straight. It’s so obvious what needs to be done here that even an idiot reporter recognizes it, but the immediate response is to reject it.

    He did show interest, however, in re-evaluating the way cars are searched at the entry gate so that guns might not be smuggled in as easily.

    Are you freakin’ kidding me? That’s his answer? He’s calling for even MORE absurd levels of car searches at the gates to keep people from sneaking in handguns? I go through army gates all the time. They already do about as much as they can, but there’s no way they can detect a single handgun. They’d have to search every body cavity and use cutting torches on every car to do that. This general has his head pretty far up his ass to suggest that this is the answer to this problem.

    Welcome to America, where they have to call 911 on Army bases so the local militarized police can come rescue them from bad guys.

  6. Well, this poor Hoosier guy can kiss his life goodbye. When the feds set up shop on your lawn, there’s not a whole lot they can’t take from you.

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