Open Thread, Friday 4 April 2014



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45 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 4 April 2014

  1. texan59 says:

    Sweet ride!

  2. texan59 says:

    While I think the whole college football/union thing is about the most stupid thing I’ve seen in awhile, here are some serious ramifications, stemming from obamacare. This is insane.

    FTA – “It appears that after paying all the health care plan costs, the university could also be liable for a penalty in the neighborhood of $20 million, per year.”

  3. This Hillary graphic caused me to stumble onto some funny Cthulhu art.

  4. “It appears the U.S. government is doing its best to ensure that nobody anywhere in any corner of planet earth will ever trust American technology again (or U.S. aid for that matter). This process of distrust first really got going with the Edward Snowden revelations, which demonstrated that essentially all major U.S. tech firms are mere wards of the state with little to no privacy protections, and absolutely zero backbone.”
    “Great work morons.”

  5. Sometimes you have to be reminded that to some people, “conservative” is a very bad word.
    “What does feminism mean to you?”
    To me? I have no idea, but definitely not “inclusiveness.”

  6. Anybody else in a huge funk today? It’s Friday, and it should be a relief, but every aspect of reality sucks so hard right now, I’m ready to find a boat and just sail away from it all. I haven’t seen the FUBAR factor this high, ever.

  7. Here’s a video to try and make up for that last stinker.

  8. And I thought that I was having a bad day. Can’t stop laughing at this.

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