About 1000 Expected at Bunkerville, Nevada Rally Today As BLM Reported to be Considering an End to the Roundup; Update: Feds Pull Out

Range Showdown
According to multiple sources, protesters near the site of the Bureau of Land Management cattle roundup and stand-off are planning a peaceful rally this morning. See, for example, Bob Owens post on the BearingArms blog and Western Rifle Shooters Association. The Bundy family has indicated that today or tomorrow, if enough protesters are present, they may attempt to interfere with cattle gathering operations being conducted by BLM contractors. If there’s a chance for violence, it’s very likely that it will occur during those attempts.

Many in the internet patriot community have found themselves behind this protest, possibly due to the widespread hatred among western states ranchers for the BLM and the perception that this could be a good event to push back against decades of heavy-handed land-grabbing by the agency.  Others are arguing against it.  See, for example, this sometimes heated argument on the iOwnTheWorld blog debating Ann Barnhardt’s “hands off” advice.

UPDATE: Just in the last few minutes, Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the BLM has agreed to end the cattle gathering operations, ending the stand-off.


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16 Responses to About 1000 Expected at Bunkerville, Nevada Rally Today As BLM Reported to be Considering an End to the Roundup; Update: Feds Pull Out

  1. zmalfoy says:

    Thanks for staying on top of this today, Grunt. I was on the road a lot longer than expected, and only just got home.

    I’m glad this has simmered down, at least for now. I’m glad the militia showed up, I’m glad this was resolved peacefully, and that at least some of the cattle was returned.

    And I suspect that it was only so because people started coming out in force, ready (through reluctantly so) for violence if necessary. And I think it’s that last detail, coupled with the intense social media attention, that gave us this (current) ending, versus something more Waco flavored.

    They may not blink next time, but this time, they did.

    I thank God, for that.

    • Amen. Some are saying the pull-back had nothing to do with the patriot presence, but instead with the media exposure of Harry Reid’s involvement in the land planning, such as the Chinese deal. That could have been the trigger.

      Still, I’m glad there was push-back. To me, it didn’t matter whether Bundy is an arrogant whacko or whether this was the “right time.” Both those things are hot debate topics. It was clearly a key opportunity to push back, and I think it was critical that some heeded the call.

      • zmalfoy says:

        It was likely both. Everyone knows that Reid would sell his own mother, and he knows that everyone knows it. But there may have been aspects of that deal he really didn’t want people seeing. . . But I also think that armed protestors showing up also made a difference, because the behavior of the BLM guys changed once they did. Before people showed up, they were tazing and tackling grannies to the ground, and generally being assholes. But once armed resistance showed up, they had to back off a bit, which allowed for the Reid story to get out onto the internet. . .

        It also gave time for the exposure of the “Turtle” lie. . .

        And you’re right– doesn’t matter if Bundy is an arrogant wacko or not. People have had enough of this behavior. They’re doing the same thing along the Red River in Texas, and if they can get away with it out there, they’ll figure they would have no problem anywhere else.

        Again, I’m glad there was no violence. But I think that if we take the threat of violence off the table, then we have no leverage at all, barring literal miracles. With an administration that so flagrantly dismisses the law, court systems that follow their lead. . . They have neither honor, nor restraint of law; as such, will not be swayed by such persuasions. They are avaricious brutes, who only understand the fear of their remaining secrets becoming known, the depths of their perfidy being exposed to sunlight, and the threat that we do not, nor ever will, care one whit about their self-assumed authority.

  2. Knight4GFC says:

    The first ammendment area strikes back! But, this isn’t the end. This just sets a precedence for what’s to come. The Feds pressed buttons, fully expecting to bully their way through. But we pressed buttons as well. Caught off guard, they blinked first. Their pride is going to be stinging for a bit, and then they will seek revenge. YOU DON’T TALK BACK TO BIG BROTHER. Look out, it’s not over. 👿

    • zmalfoy says:

      Yep. Some of the militias are going to try to organize a rotating security detail for the ranch–while everyone is happy about the current victory, everyone is taking a page from Mad-Eye Moody: “Constant Vigilance!”

      Specifically, they are worried that now that the drama level has decreased, in a week or two, there might be a “Home invasion” by “Unknown assailants” . . . or other, similarly deadly things for the family . .

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