Obama: Dump costly men, hire cheap women

From ScrappleFace.com.

At a White House news conference today, President Obama encouraged employers to boost their profits by slashing expenses, or in his words: “Dump costly men, hire cheap women.”

“With women earning just 77 cents on the dollar compared with men,” Obama said, “they’re a real bargain, allowing you to move 23 percent of your HR budget straight to the bottom line.”

The president noted that, “Not only are women cheap and renewable, but they’re smart and they work hard, often doing jobs that no man would do. And some of them have even bigger biceps than their husbands.”

An unnamed economist at the American Woman Cooperative Marketing Board agreed.

“If women really earn so much less,” he said, “why would a business ever hire a man? All other things being equal, it makes no economic sense.”

However, a spokesman for Man Worker International noted that despite their proclivity to engage in risky after-hours behaviors and to die sooner, men are still a good deal.

“Sure, they cost a little more up front,” the spokesman acknowledged, “but men consistently put work before family, senselessly devote their lives to developing boring but useful expertise, and rarely get pregnant.”

President Obama signs an executive order, firing every male employee in the executive branch, to be replaced with “cheap, renewable women,” saving taxpayers millions of dollars this year alone.

By Scott Ott.

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7 Responses to Obama: Dump costly men, hire cheap women

  1. “Cheap, renewable women.” Are you sure that wasn’t a Bill Clinton initiative?? *head scratch*

  2. Reminds me of this gal. She’s professor of Public Law at a South African university, which has some of the highest rates of sexual assault and violent crime on the planet, but she sees British society as the most sexist on the planet. Right.

    So, where does she think they’re the LEAST sexist? Probably this place…

    • barnslayer says:

      For her loyal service she will receiving a genuine mandela necklace.

    • ZurichMike says:

      The lady in the first photo definitely needs one of those blue cover-up things in the second photo. Yech. Seriously — she probably thinks about sexism in the west because she’s been shunned and avoided by men because she is BUTT UGLY. No, honey, it’s not the sexism. It’s your, angry, man-hating, Birkenstock-wearing ways. (sorry, double posted by mistake).

  3. ZurichMike says:

    [double post removed]

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