Open Thread, Monday 5 May 2014

The Hillary Pantsuits Spectrum


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21 Responses to Open Thread, Monday 5 May 2014

  1. Pistol Pete says:

    Grunt:consider yourself fortunate I can’t post pictures.I think you know what I mean.

    Meet Lt. Col. Joni Ernst.Hog -castrating,Harley ridin’ crack shot running for the senate in Iowa.Y’all probably know what kind of weapon she’s using.Its her bike,she has a CCW permit and it really is her shooting.There is no trick photography.As Lucas McCain(the Rifleman) said once:I hit what I aim at and I’m fast.

    • I DO know what you mean, Pete. And I am grateful. But you can feel free to link to all the disgusting Hillary pics you like. If they’re too disgusting, we might choose to keep them as links. In Hillary’s case, that could mean most of them. 😉

  2. zmalfoy says:

    Happy Liberation of Belgium from the Nazis Day!!!! Let us celebrate with the traditional fare of tacos, tequila, and little chocolates shaped like sea shells!

  3. Cinco de Biden.
    Uh. What could go wrong here?
    HAPPENING NOW: Vice President Joe Biden is kicking off Cinco de Mayo with a party at his residence this morning, featuring a five-piece mariachi band, according to a pool report from Time Magazine’s Zeke Miller. The event features a buffet breakfast complete with items like papas fritas, empandadas, arroz con leche and warm corn tortillas. Who’s invited? According to the Veep’s office: “Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, National Hispanic Leaders, Hispanic Media and Administration Officials.” Later today, the Vice President is in New York to attend Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee event and deliver on-camera remarks to the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

    Dave Burge predicts full blown land war with Mexico by Wednesday. Latest Vegas odds of Biden doing the following impersonations:
    Speedy Gonzalez 4:3
    Jose Jimenez 2:1
    Frito Bandito 3:5
    “No steenkeen badges” 1:4

  4. Bob! One of your cats got out again.

  5. Well, that’s not really news. I’d be happy, too, if our President were someone else. Anyone else. Maybe even a rabid badger.

  6. What A Hoot says:

    Wonder how many of those pantsuits are polyester? Answer: By the way she stinks, all of them.

  7. Adorable Hamas kid’s TV show implores kids to kill all the Jews. The show may have actually been paid for by American taxpayers. Great, huh?

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