White House Backed Climate Report Blaming Job Loss on Global Warming is Being Breathlessly Reported As Fact by Hysterical Media

As Mr. Pinko reports at iOTW, one headline you will never see on USA Today is “BREAKING: Federal Report: Obama Affecting Americans’ Lives, Jobs.”  But they are reporting something today that is much less believable and much more scandalously contrived.

Despite the fact that global average temperatures have remained stagnant for almost two decades, providing absolutely NO EVIDENCE of recent human-caused climate change, the just-released National Climate Assessment pulls out all the stops in blaming every bit of extreme weather in recent memory, whether hot or cold, on human-caused catastrophic climate change.  The level of hysteria in the report is really quite alarming for anyone who has been paying attention to the technical aspects of the global warming debate over the last few decades.  That hysteria is being reflected and amplified by a White House eager to blame its own catastrophic ineptitude on “climate,” and by an eager press.

One of the worst examples of this reporting is the USA Today “Breaking News” piece released today, illustrated in the screen shot from their website shown above.  See for yourself.  While you’re doing so, it might be worthwhile to note all of the Barack Obama-friendly tongue-bath sub-headings across the top of their page, including a helpful statement about how global warming will particularly affect the state of Iowa, which coincidentally, is a politically important state in the upcoming year-end election.  How helpful.  *eyeroll*


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15 Responses to White House Backed Climate Report Blaming Job Loss on Global Warming is Being Breathlessly Reported As Fact by Hysterical Media

  1. stim says:

    Actually, the fact is that the global average temperature has increased in the last 20 years. People whose job it is to study the climate have measured the temperature. Really. Truly. And guess what? At least – that means “not less than” – 97% of these people – they’re called “climatologists” – say that the world’s temperature is getting warmer. Why do they say that? Because they have instruments all over the world that keep track of temperature changes. Just like when you were a little kid and got sick and someone stuck a thermometer under your tongue to see if your temperature was higher than normal, that is, whether you were running a fever. How could that person tell if you were running a fever? Because that person could do basic math. Or at least knew that 100 degrees is more than 98.6. And just like that person who took your temperature when you were sick, the climatologists can see the difference between numbers. And guess what? Those numbers are higher now than they were 20 years ago.

    So at least 97% of climatologists say that global warming is a fact, and then there’s you. And you think that citing a Cal Thomas column is a point in your favor. Being in your little bubble of denial must feel like crawling back into your mother’s womb: all nice and warm and dark with no chance of seeing what goes on outside of your tiny space.

    • Oh, you’re hilarious. The federal climate report also boasts about that “97% of climatologists recommend” number. You know what? That would be really impressive to me if 100% of those climatologists weren’t depending on hysteria for their grant money and if there weren’t hundreds of ex-climatologists (actually something like 1800) out there who disagree and have not only lost funding but lost tenure or lost status because of their views. It’s pretty easy to maintain 97% agreement when everyone who disagrees is fired or marginalized.

      And you seem pretty happy referring to discredited temperature data that is well-known to have been insufficiently adjusted for the urban warming environment of the measurement sites. You’d be easier to take seriously if you weren’t living in a bubble of your own that ignores things like that. The real data that climate scientists accept as real, though they are embarrassed by it and scramble to explain it, shows that for 20 years CO2 levels have increased without any corresponding increase in real temp.

      Stim, what are your credentials? Are you a “climate scientist?” I’m an aerospace scientist/engineer who could be considered an expert on atmospheric science. Not just the Earth’s, but especially Mars and Venus. I was working on atmospheric models today, just before I read your idiotic comment. I don’t live in a bubble, friend. On the contrary, I know how complex this issue can be. You seem to be the one simplifying the world. Nice snark, though. Ass.

      • barnslayer says:

        Grunt… ya mean his throwing around contrived numbers didn’t convince you? He almost got me on his side. If only he had started with the crying or name calling. I agree. He is an arrogant a-hole.
        Finally a bit of advice for our esteemed guest…..
        “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”

        • 😀 You speak the truth, Brother.

          In the interests of full disclosure, there are plenty of sources out there that *claim* actual warming over the last century. This is a good example:
          But the fact that they have all resorted recently to focusing on the last *century* should give you pause. Notice the first sentence in this brief article. They claim significant warming over the last century, and that part is true. But a lot of that happened naturally, without any human influence. Many reports purposely avoid talking about the last few decades, and instead focus on the entire 100 year timeframe, because that makes their case. The last few decades do not. Notice the very careful language in this piece regarding the time since 1980. Can you tell what they’re really saying? It’s not really obvious. They seem to claim a half-degree increase in temperature, but they fail to say how disputed even that number is. Personally, I’m not impressed by that number, because I know it goes away entirely when adjustments for urban sprawl on measurements are taken into account.

    • barnslayer says:

      Uh huh

  2. zmalfoy says:

    I can’t even. . . I’m kinda glad I’ve been really busy at work and wasn’t here when “Stim” commented. . . you know what a pet peeve of mine all this is . . .

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