Open Thread, Sunday 18 May 2014



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24 Responses to Open Thread, Sunday 18 May 2014

  1. barnslayer says:

    God’s green earth.
    BTW, today is Mrs. Barnslayer’s birthday!

  2. A special Blessing for a good friend of mine today also. He turned 70 today and ran a special ultra marathon race (in his honor) which he just finished. 100 miles! so Happy Birthday Marathon Man!
    Ps i’d have been burried after the first mile….lol

    • Well, pass along my birthday wishes to your long-endurance friend! Especially since we’re going to be staying in his house in a month! That guy is amazing. Do you know if he’s ever done the Leadville 100? At 10,000 ft, that’s a real challenge, but thousands of people have done it. Too much for me, though. I’ve ridden a bike 100 miles before, and that was plenty for me.

  3. Obama releases thousands of illegal alien convicts into society – on the honor system.

    • barnslayer says:

      I’m not up on this. I thought the Hindus just had a hate on for the moslems (and rightfully so). India was an ally in WW2 and I don’t think that was an all-Christian decision.
      Maybe the writers are trying to drive a wedge to benefit the moslems? Shalini might know the backstory is on this article.

      • Knight4GFC says:

        Back on May 1, Grunt made a post on Modi. Here you will find a lot of answers from Shalini on this very subject:

        I will quote some of Shalini’s comments.

        Anti Christian?
        “Yes. He is. All the article about there being no credible proof about him being complicit in anti-Muslim riots or him being anti-Christian is wishful thinking. Even if he himself may not have said he is said anti-Christian, the people who helped him come to power, the RSS, have often have and there is no way he would try to stop them. He has passed anti-conversion bill in Gujarat and basically all BJP run states have anti-conversion bills. They tried that in my state and lost all 40 lower parliament seats as result so they quickly backtracked and banned the bill. There is little chance that I may suffer anti-Christian policies in my state, at least in the near future, but I have to keep in mind the plight of my Christian brethren in North India who have suffered immensely under the vitriol of RSS and VHP. So, no, no amount of economic progress is going to change my opinion on him unless he acquits himself with his actions…”

        And this:
        “They have to prove they won’t target minorities like they have in the past. I am just cautiously waiting to see how it all unravels. If you think I am overreacting, you should see any comment section under articles about Modi. One word of disagreement about Modi, they call you a traitor and ask you to leave country because you are a non-Hindu. I have seen even my own dearest Brahmin friends turn against my faith so easily in support of BJP. They are normally very friendly people but when conversations go into politics, they get so heated up that they ask me to get of the country! 😐 Sigh! They think being non-Hindu makes us un patriotic.

        Having said that, I can’t stand Congress’s Muslim appeasement either in the name (pseudo )secularism. We Christians are nobody’s concern, I suppose.”

        • barnslayer says:

          Thanks Knight. This puts my prior opinion of Hindus as allies untied against islam in the crapper doesn’t it?

          • I don’t know. I’d say it depends on who you’re talking about. I’m sure many Hindus are mostly Christian-friendly. Most of the anti-Christian words I’ve heard from Hindus have to do with resentment of missionaries proselytizing and trying to convert Hindus to Christianity. I can’t say I blame them. Even among Christians, we get pretty suspicious of each other for luring each others’ converts away. Maybe it gets more hostile than that, though.

  4. barnslayer says:

    There’s a local church we we thinking of trying. It’s a Reformed Church of America type Protestant church.
    They have a female as one of the reverends. This is a new one for me.

    This part here sounded kinda odd….
    9. We are a confessional church, which means that together we have statements of belief, called creeds and confessions. These statements guide our understanding of faith and shape our practice. No one individual knows more than the community.

    Any initial impressions?

    • Knight4GFC says:

      “Any initial impressions?” If I may…

      “…together we have statements of belief… These statements guide… shape our practice…”

      “No one individual knows more than the community.”
      Sounds like they lack good leadership.

      My initial impressions were strictly based on statement #9 you posted. As for the female reverend, that subject may be up for discussion another time (not now), as I personally do not believe in this. Of course, I am an Eastern Catholic as you know already. May God’s Holy Spirit bless and guide your decision Brother Barn.

      • barnslayer says:

        Thanks Knight! You pretty much read my mind. Last thing I need is a church with a leftist agenda. If I wanted a free-for-all I would have gone to the Unitarian church.
        We may go to see for ourselves but I don’t have a great feeling about it right now.

        • What’s the deal with your current Baptist congregation? Going through a rough patch? I know how that goes. I’ve been ready to get into a brawl with our pastor for the last few years. I think Bob is in the same boat. Really unhappy with her church’s leadership. I guess it’s not that uncommon.

          • barnslayer says:

            Me and the Mrs have been less than thrilled with the current pastor. He’s been around for 10 years. His message varies from spot-on biblical to self-serving liberal prattle.
            He often quotes extremist charismatic mega church builders like Steve Furtick. Guys I don’t know until I research and find waaay too much bad press about.
            Half the stuff he talks about concerns us coughing up more money to build satellite churches. Not build them from scratch mind you… but remodel them into state-of-the-art structures. He even told us how he was fretting over how much it would cost to fix up this other church and continued…. “We could just do this part or that part but I realized I should let God take care of the money… after all this IS Long Island’s north shore!”

            When the Elders first installed this guy they made a big deal over it. After the first couple of years those Elders have either resigned their positions or left altogether. One even ceased to be a believer. It’s had a negative impact on my attendance as well. The building ministry used to be fun. A few years ago the pastor (with the approval I guess of the current useful idiots) put his then 14 yr. old son (salaried position) in charge. I could go on but you get my drift.

            • With Church, as in politics, maybe Voltaire was on to something when he said the best possible system was democracy with assassinations. There are good pastors and good politicians (I think), but both fields attract the most disgusting charlatans who, being sociopaths, make it impossible to get rid of them. They probably wear Kevlar, too, though. *sigh*

              • barnslayer says:

                Thanks Grunt. And on behalf of the birthday girl thank you to all well-wishers!
                Next weekend our daughter ( only child) is getting married. Stress.

              • Whoa! I knew that marriage was coming up, but that’s soon! Congrats, Brother! Hang in there. I have a photo I need to send you. It’s a pic of me bending over the 8-page bill after our daughter’s wedding dinner, with beads of perspiration on my head and a deer in the headlights look.

  5. Sue says:

    Thanks so much for all of your birthday wishes! Xoxo Barnslayer’s wife

    • Good morning, Sue! Great to see you! Hope you had a good birthday yesterday, but I’m sure it was overshadowed by the preparations for next week. Bless you and your good daughter as you get ready for the happy day! 🙂

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