Cartels Now Boasting Openly on Billboards Over Interstate 10

El Paso, Texas, residents are sleeping a little less soundly since threatening messages appeared on 2 billboards visible to travelers on I-10. The message, “Plata-o-Plomo,” is common across the border in Ciudad Juarez where Cartels intimidate government officials into taking bribes under threat of death. The implied threat means that officials and police should take bribes (silver=plata) or face death by bullets (lead=plomo).

This news item is being reported quietly in Texas. See for example, KHOU virtual news in Houston. But as is so often the case, European news is all over this actual threat to American security long before any national American news source will touch it. Apparently, it represents more evidence that all is not well in Obama’s Utopia, and we can’t have that widely known. So, NBC/CNN/ABC/NPR/CBS kindly ask that you keep it under your hat.

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13 Responses to Cartels Now Boasting Openly on Billboards Over Interstate 10

  1. What A Hoot says:

    The current Regime is in cahoots with the Mexican Government to use the Drug Cartels to set the foundation for an armed war on the American people with our ‘neighbors’ in south of the border moving in on Texas and up the Midwest. Mexico is drastically increasing their military equipment, in the name of going after the drug cartels but the amounts are overkill for that job alone. One Big Not America Country.

  2. Here’s a good one from Earl: “Ominous signs of Chicago Cartel.” *snork*

    • The designation, Boehner said in a statement, will “place additional burdens on Border Patrol personnel and limit access to high crime areas along the border, making it easier for drug smugglers and human traffickers to move in and out of the country.”

      Surprised? Nope.

  3. What A Hoot says:

    This articles forgets to mention how the army will be equipped.

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