Open Thread, Sunday 25 May 2014

Bride-and-groom-stroll-in-cottage-garden-by-W-Studios-New-YorkThe day after Mr. & Mrs. Barnslayer’s daughter’s wedding on Long Island, and the first day of blessed married life for the happy couple.


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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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22 Responses to Open Thread, Sunday 25 May 2014

  1. There is nothing better than mornings. it is a Blessing of Hope in a New Day, a fresh beginning and the rememberance of our Lords promise when He said “Father I make all things new!”

  2. texan59 says:

    Congrats to the newly betrothed, and to Mrs. Barn for allowing her hubby to live through the happy occasion.

  3. You figured it would come to this after the Santa Barbara shooting/stabbing/carmurder thinggie.

  4. Johnny Cash: Battle Hymn of the Repub. From All the Right Snark.

  5. barnslayer says:

    Thank you all for your well wishes!
    Now back to the real world.

  6. Knight4GFC says:

    I missed the date of your daughter’s marriage but did not miss out praying for the occasion. May the Father in Heaven bless their marriage, may His Son, Jesus Christ, wrap the new family in His arms, holding them fast together with His Grace, and may His Holy Spirit abide with them, guide them, and protect them forever.

    God blessed you, Brother Barn, and your wife. Congratulations! Now don’t forget to let us know when God blesses them with children. ‘Cause then, I can call you GRANDPA! 😉

  7. Knight4GFC says:

    “Starting Saturday and again in July, the Hawaiian islands will again be host to the phenomenon known as the ‘Lahaina Noon’…”

    The return of the shadow-less “Lahaina Noon”

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