Open Thread, Friday 30 May 2014



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30 Responses to Open Thread, Friday 30 May 2014

  1. Did oblammer visit or sumptin?

  2. texan59 says:

    For anyone who doesn’t think our education system hasn’t been dumbed down. Pass this and you’ll get out of 8th grade………… in 1895. h/t iOTW

    • barnslayer says:

      Let’s spend a ton of $$$$$ to create a mode of transportation entirely out of our control.
      Imagine your personal vehicle being subject to the delays and system failures of Amtrak, the NYC subways and LIRR? Similarly it will only go where the system allows. A program glitch could deliver you to the wrong location and leave you stranded. But at least the government can shut it down in “an emergency”. Yeay!!!!

  3. Remodeling by Barnslayer.

  4. Pistol Pete says:

    Finished my Friday Fun post @ PN,but there’s still some serious stuff going on.With your forbearance,I’d like to post a couple.

    ‘This is something that predates my presidency’
    This lowlife trash is STILL blaming Bush!

  5. Pistol Pete says:

    Hillary Clinton accuses Benghazi critics of β€˜flat-out deceit’
    She still stubbornly maintains that the attacks were a reaction to a video and those who criticize her are a bunch of wieners who envy her power and the fact she’s going to be the next queen of the world…or whats left of it.

  6. Pistol Pete says:

    Assailant Dies In Detroit When Accidentally Shot By Pistol-Whipping Accomplice
    (whack,whack,whack) ‘Gimme da Money!’
    *BANG* ‘Oops,sorry,Jamal.
    Another contribution to the taxpayer prisoner-support fund.

    Don’t want to clutter up your blog so I’ll quit.

    • Pistol Pete says:

      I’m almost afraid to speculate if the next one will be as pathetic a liar as Carnage was.

      • Yeah, but he has exactly the same job description and the same lying liar boss who lies out his liar hole. It’s hard to believe that the next one will be much different. Unless he’s even worse at lying, I guess.

    • OMG! Check out the awkward hug, according to Weasel Zippers, the most awkward hug in White House history. Obama goes for the handshake, but Jay blubbers into a hug. Barry remains stony-faced.

  7. texan59 says:

    Here is our side hard at work to begin the circular firing squad, bridge to nowhere, do-nothing, shoot themselves in the foot and possibly get our base to sit home once again.

  8. texan59 says:

    This never gets old. πŸ˜€

  9. Well, that’s different, anyway.

    But this one works, too.

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