The Greatest Murder Machine in History

Unlike other tyrannies throughout history, that “burn hot, but are soon overcome,” Islam has marched onward over the globe in a slow but relentless and never reversing conquest for 1400 years.  It is responsible for at least a third to a half of all the deaths by war or slavery that have ever happened in the history of the world.  Yet, even now it is protected and proclaimed, inexplicably, as just another respected and peaceful religion.

If this concerns you, please consider reading an historical essay that was published today in the American Thinker under the title: The Greatest Murder Machine in History.  The author, Mike Konrad (pen name), writes elsewhere about the arab communities in Latin America and is an admirer, as I am, of the Spanish and Portuguese, for they may be the only nations and cultures in all the West to have successfully fought back against Islam and taken back land, in both Iberia and the Philippines, that had been claimed by the worldwide Caliphate.  Go here to read Konrad’s article.Surrender-of-Moors-1492-71631318a
Pictured: The Spanish Moors surrender to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain.


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5 Responses to The Greatest Murder Machine in History

  1. Knight4GFC says:

    Mike’s article was a VERY good read! Islam IS anti-life! Pure Evil… period! When Islam teaches that it is a duty to LIE for the sake of Islam, including denying your own Islamic “faith”, then there is absolutely nothing redeemable about it. This so-called religion of peace was evil begotten.

    On a side note; Queen Isabella is one of my most admired historic figures.

    • Agreed, Knight. Queen Isabella is a favorite of mine, as well. People complain that women don’t figure prominently in Christian history, but only if they’re ignorant of women like Isabella, Blanche, Eleanor, etc.

  2. Did you know that Christopher Columbus was present for the event depicted in the image above, and that he received his commission from King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella (which brought him to the new world) in the vacated Moorish palace in the hills in the background (the Alhambra)?

    I touched on that in a post I wrote in 2010 at WTPOTUS…

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