Moving to TX? Be Aware that Property Taxes are Pushing 3%

Tiny-Texas-Houses9Insanely stupid liberal residents, like Gretchen Gardner from Austin, are to blame. And now they’re paying the price. See some of what they’re facing in this Hot Air article.

Regardless who is at fault, all property-owning Texans, who do not pay a state income tax, and in many cases no sales taxes, must pay some of the most burdensome property taxes in the nation. These tax rates hovered around 1% of property value in the 1980s and now are about 3%. That amounts to a yearly bill of about $6000 for a $200,000 property, even for someone with no income whatsoever. In contrast, tax rates in Colorado (for example) are about half a percent. This doesn’t necessarily mean Coloradans pay fewer taxes, because they pay more in Income tax and sales taxes, but those taxes are proportional to earnings and spending, which can be moderated.

While I was in Houston last month, I talked to a California home-owner who was working in Houston after being laid off due to the languishing California job market. He was commuting home on the weekends. Despite the expense of flying every week, he was hesitating to buy a home in Houston due, explicitly, to the enormous Texas property taxes which he feared.

What is the trade-off for your state? It will vary, of course, depending on your income, property value and spending habits, but one should always make the calculation before being lured by the promise of low or non-existant income taxes.


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5 Responses to Moving to TX? Be Aware that Property Taxes are Pushing 3%

  1. zmalfoy says:

    I live in Maryland. Here, they tax the rain, your income, your property, your car, your gas, your death, your not-dying, your tobacco, your utilities, your phone, your decision to go off grid. . . when you cut down on your electricity, they raise the rate, same with water and gas . . .

    Basically, everything here is taxed. There is no trade off.

  2. barnslayer says:

    The economy is better in Texas than NY. The other taxes must be lower (and I’m betting I pay a higher property tax rate). And they don’t seem to mind the existence of conservatives. Yeah, I’d say it’s a win win going from NY to Texas. I just need to find a region where I can deal with the weather.

  3. This is about as outrageous as it gets, guys. Gotta see this.

    • barnslayer says:

      I’ve been reading where the WH is saying the soldiers from his unit are “swift boating” him. Odd how the WH tried to gag them all for the past 5 years on it.
      BTW, the swift boat guys were correct.

      This “administration” is totally delusional to think we were going to rejoice over this POS getting released.
      And his muzzie dad addressing the media in arabic was the icing on the cake.
      Does oblamer really believe we like this stuff? Or is he so beyond caring that he’s just glad to give us another Foxtrot Uniform?

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