Just a Reminder of How Far We’ve Come in 50 Years

Back in the early 60s, U.S. Affairs of State were pretty primitive.  When there was a crisis, we usually just got some guy in a suit to explain the situation on TV.  He never said anything very creative, kept to the facts and usually mentioned the Constitution and made it clear that freedom was more important than peace.  Telling big lies was discouraged.

In 2014, we have come a long way.

David Burge explains the secret to our progress:DB2
But, the best progress has been in lingo. How did the State Dept function for so long without the phrase “fact pattern?” That’s a new invention that’s really useful! Next week: “half-truth array” and “fact spectrum.” Think of how far we can obscure reality with those!

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One Response to Just a Reminder of How Far We’ve Come in 50 Years

  1. Whittle: Barack stupid or evil? Bill concludes here that the Bergdahl scandal will finally hurt Barack. I think he’s right.

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