Open Thread, Saturday 7 June 2014



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21 Responses to Open Thread, Saturday 7 June 2014

  1. Adrienne says:

    I’m speechless…

    • Well, normally we try to have some standards about displaying obscene images… Sorry about the lapse. 😉

      • Adrienne says:

        I think a “bless me, father” is in order here!

        • Adrienne says:

          Oooops – Father not father. I know what a stickler you are. (Did I spell stickler correctly?)

          • I think so. And funny you should mention confession. I tried to go today (Saturday), but the only priest there hearing confessions was our pastor. Since he was the subject of the confession (being tempted to run him over with my pickup truck, or at least hit him in the face with a pie), I had to bail on that. *sigh* Maybe next week. Church politics are hard! 🙂

            • barnslayer says:

              Gee I don’t know Grunt. Wouldn’t it have been worth 10,000 Hail Marys to get the guy some constructive criticism?

              • Heh! It would be worth more than that, but this guy wouldn’t know constructive criticism if it bit him on the nose and set his beard on fire. Besides, I don’t have any restraining orders out against me, and I’d like to keep it that way.

              • A wise man you are Grunt! But as with what Barn said….the temptation might have been to great especially when they are the ones passing out the atonements!!! 😉

  2. What A Hoot says:

    A homeschooling observation or more like just now putting the pieces together. A couple of years ago Honorable Son #2 and Honorable Son #4 went off to university. They are into a discipline that can only be had at university and with limited selection for where to go. The first year some perplextion over the fact that both ended up in rooms with minority roommates when the odds were against both having that outcome. No problem for them. “We be no racists”. Both were in suites where all but one kid were from broken homes. The one that was not was an athiest and from the moment met HS4 never let up attacking Christianity. All were ardent Oboma supporters. No big deal, really. Except they were isolate from anything but Leftist, anti-God, government takers, and anti-white (even though neither saw that at first). In typical Mom fashion, I insisted it was a conspiracy and they were deliberately being thrown into this because they were from conservative background and because of mom’s internet activity, it was well known how they were raised. The two sons were/are two of the brightest minds at the school.

    Ok. done with the backstory and to putting puzzle pieces together. No, Mom was not being tracked because that was not necessary because of FAFSA. Yep, FAFSA. I noticed this time around, and it sunk in, that the high school box choices are GED, diploma, homeschool, other. Homeschoolers can not put ‘diploma’ as their school will not be recognized and one can not go further in the processs. Thus, even though diploma issued one must put homeschooling. I tried ‘other’ years ago but could not as the cross-checking did not fit for system. I tried putting the smallest of private schools in to see what happened and that school showed up so could check diploma but our homeschool name would not be accepted. And that my folks is how my sons were railroaded and I do not believe the roommates were really so random after all.

    For what it is worth, of course sons got along well with the new culture and even kept some as friends (even kept as roommate when moved off campus) although the athiest did get into younger son’s nerve zone as very hard to be under attack non-stop. Thing is he was never a Bible thumper but the kid asked right up, and only to our son, if he was a Christian. Almost all their roommates from first year were/are underachievers and takers and dynamics of school set up made it very difficult for them to connect with achievers and grounded students. Their program is small, though, and they ended up being leaders for the class and had all working and studying together. Most of the program classmates were housed near their necessary buildings and near each other but our sons were off in the designated-not-to-achieve-but-just-there-to-take-governement-money zone.

    So, if homeschooling I suggest a workaround. Do NOT issue a diploma. That paradigm is passe. Get the GED (our state has levels including “honors”) and look like from the system that dropped out and bounced back. This way we reverse the tables an infiltrate at best and at least not leave them open to deliberate cult behavior to take over their minds and hearts and loyalty. Of course, never go away to school unless absolutely have to because not offered at local university.

    • Hoot, a few years ago, I would not have believed your suspicions here, but we recently experienced a neighbor’s daughter’s life being completely ruined by a vindictive University of Denver administrator for just that kind of motivation. The admin was an activist who took it upon herself to force all the white, middle class student teachers under her control into urban minority environments, many times against their will and many times to the ruin of their careers. It was a racially motivated vendetta, really. She plays god. In the case of this girl, because she bucked the will of the administrator just once, she was blackballed and expelled with extreme prejudice. Records locked. Entire cost of education lost with no chance of reclaiming any of it. Basically branded a criminal without committing any crime. This stuff happens.

      • barnslayer says:

        No lawyer? I’d think some ambitious guy would love to blow up a case like that.

      • What A Hoot says:

        I never would have believed it either but I see the brightest conservative minds being ruined in all sorts of ways. If not going to homeschool do NOT be impressed when your child qualifies for advance placement classes. These are not advanced classes in content but avenue to train the next generation of Marxist leaders. The classes have turned into discussion classes and experiments in latest perverted thoughts. In English less writing than regular classes and more “thought exploration”. Lots of organizing community activities for all the Left’s perversions. As to sons in college, there is no way there roomies were picked randomly as the odds are against it for two brothers and the demographics of university. Everything was done to keep them from being social leaders and having influence on students. We prepared them for group indoctrination but not this individualized immersion. Hope we did not realize too late. Homeschool represents individualism which must be eradicated. I see no other reason for finding out who is homeschooled on the fafsa. Another observation I have made is Conservative Christian girls are coming out of university on ssri’s.

        Wow. What a tragedy for your neighbors daughter.

  3. Knight4GFC says:

    Okay, someone is playing around with illegal weapons. That was a direct hit. This couple is lucky to be alive.

    • Worst thing, seems to me, is being trapped with no way to open doors after 6 airbags deployed. I’ve had just one airbag deploy, and that air was not breathable for a long time after. That seems to be a real survival issue now that they’re putting so many airbags in cars. Your airbags are not supposed to kill you.

    • barnslayer says:

      Well…. that convinced me. I’m buying a few of these.

      BTW, some sort of short blade or pick would come in handy to deflate the airbags if need be.

  4. Here’s the Jonah NRO piece where he namedrops about IowaHawk.
    “My friend Iowahawk called this one perfectly. Seriously, what’s the point of putting the hacks in charge if they can’t even hack right?”

  5. How does the Taliban release 5 prisoners? Muhammad Fazi demonstrates. This is not the actual image, to see the full image with MF standing over 5 recently liberated human heads, go to iowahawk’s twitter feed.

    Check it out, America. This is one of the jihadis that Obama just released to once again fight against America. Do you feel safer?

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