Washington Press Corp Starting to Show Irritation at Obama’s Gang of Obstinate, Lying Spokes-Children

When even Senator Dianne Feinstein has trouble buying the administration’s daily-changing story about the Bergdahl swap, one would think the intrepid, young spokespeople sent out to do the President’s lying would ease up on their stubborn insistence on the absolute immutability of their talking points. Not so, apparently, and the journalists questioning them are starting to show some of the frustration and humiliation attached with being fed such a load of bull. For example, HotAir reports about a heated interview yesterday where MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell grew noticeably irritated with State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf:


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3 Responses to Washington Press Corp Starting to Show Irritation at Obama’s Gang of Obstinate, Lying Spokes-Children

  1. Aussie says:

    the same goes for the Juliar Gillard apologists here in Australia. There have been some fireworks now that the Royal Commission into union corruption is underway. It has been an interesting week and Juliar continues to be in deep doo doo, but if you were to read anything written by one of her sycophants you would never know the real facts. For example they keep on referring to Bruce Wilson as her boyfriend. The problem with the description is that Bruce Wilson was a married man at the time and that makes Juliar Gillard his mistress, not his girl-friend. That is only one example of the sycophant distortion. Other examples are the way in which they report anything done by Tony Abbott. They keep writing about non-existent gaffes, or in one case a little bit of a slip of the tongue, easily done and not worth frothing at the mouth.

    Then there is Short Willy the current Opposition Leader and just like Juliar Gillard he is in deep doo doo. First of all, there is an issue about who ordered a certain other union official to be bashed. The union official, Bob Kernohan is an honest and upright man. He could not be bought off. I have a lot of respect for Bob Kernohan. Rumour has it that Short Willy was behind the bashing of Bob Kernohan.

    The RC hearings this week have been fascinating and several names have been dropped right in it… that is into the mire exposing their corruption. There is much that can be said about the evidence of Bruce Wilson this week. If you do read or hear about it, I can assure you that his accusations are nothing more than mushroom fodder – totally unbelievable.

    The criminal investigation into the scandal is continuing. Some of the admissions made at the Royal Commission could be sufficient for charges to be laid against some individuals. Is it enough to catch out Juliar Gillard? I maintain that at the age of 30, no woman is young and naive, the excuse given by the worst ever Prime Minister of Australia.

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