Weird Names

The Grunts have been spending some time in Hawaii lately, and place names have been getting easier, gradually, to pronounce and decipher.  Pretty soon, people will understand me just as well when I ask for Kamehameha Street as when I ask for a Longboard Lager. It occurred to us that the Hawaiian language is pretty easy to learn compared to English, which is, after all, one of the weirdest languages on the planet.  And really, where else do you find goofy names like British names?  Here’s a list of some actual names with a few made up names mixed in.  See if you can tell which are which.  BTW, none of these are Hobbit names.  Just FYI.  😉 I’ll announce the answer later tonight.

The List:
1. Rupert Scrivener
2. Nuala Alen-Buckley
3. Giles Oldershaw Weatherwax
4. Fionnula Tambling-Goggin
5. Felix Pickles
6. Kensington Rumblestrip
7. Jonathan Tattershall
8. Lord Dermot Entwhistle Cumberbatch
9. Gwenda Luckinbill-Cammish
10. Prunella Scales
11. Crispin Tatertawts
12. Cordelia Popplewell Trickelbank-Slaymaker

A. All of them are real people.
B. Depends on how you define “real people.”
C. Basically all real except for 6 & 11.
D. All real people except for 4, 5 and 10.
E. 1,2,4,5,7,10 are the only real ones.
F. All are random combinations of real names, but not necessarily real, living people.


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22 Responses to Weird Names

  1. barnslayer says:

    The only one I know on sight is Prunella Scales. She played Sybil Fawlty in “Fawlty Towers”.

    • Right you are, Barn. That rules out answer “D”, then.

      Prunella Scales is a fine actress, and I loved her in Fawlty Towers. But, by “loved” I mean that I wanted to see John Cleese’s character strangle her character. She really played that part well! 😯

    • Hawaiian Mama Obama? No, but it should be! 😀

      • GFC, I think you should tell the story about how you know this guy. It was a long time ago, but It’s a good story. Whaddaya say?

        • You are kidding right? that is a true story! One I could not make up but it is unremarkable but at leastg my kids can say “Dad beat him on his own turf”. the funny part is Jacob Purdy who use to chase this cocain using snob around campus threatening to remove him from this world. Too bad he did’nt!

          • It’s an amazing true story! I never knew you were playing baseball on Oahu at the time. You are only 2 people I know to have ever met the cocaine-snorting skinny-boy. The other is my neighbor who had to do the photo shoot at the Univ. of Denver with Mitt Romney for the debates. He said at the time that Obama was an “imposing presence.” Probably because he is fairly tall. Plus, the drugs they give him make him really over-confident, too. But I don’t know anyone else who’s ever beat him at sports on his own turf. Of course, the way he plays golf, you’d think he’s been clobbered by a lot of people in that game.

        • Hey where is the coffee around here it is fathers day and no coffee?

      • You know what time it is? Hawaiian time in the morning and your still up? lol Can’t say I blame you. Nights as beautiful as this one should be remembered. And If that moon stays out we might even sneak another shot in for Fathers Day! 🙂

        • Sorry to keep you good folks out so late on Father’s Day Eve. What a great night with the cool wind blowing and the moon up over Hilo Bay. Thanks for the good company!

          • Sorry??? Not a chance! When I reached home I could not sleep and forgot the ghost pepper too. I could not begin to express what a thoroughly beautiful evening we all had by an excellent host and his loving family. YOU are a truely Blessed man! Thank you for hosting it all.

            • Yeah, those ghost peppers have a way of keeping your stomach on alert for a while. Thank you and your lovely wife for your presence! You’re all very blessed to live here among such excellent family and friends. Speaking of friends, LM left his jacket, I think. Unless it’s one of yours. I might try to run it up to his homestead later.

  2. I love British names! But you left out Gussie Fink-Nottle, Georgiana Podsnap, Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and Thomas Gradgrind. Oh, and Osborne Peasgoode, who is buried in Westminster Abbey. I kid you not. I was there with some classmates in 1975, and most of us, being English majors, naturally ended up congregating in the Poet’s Corner, where Geoffrey Chaucer, Charles Dickens, Robert Browning, Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling, Edmund Spenser, and Alfred Tennyson are buried, and lots of other writers and poets memorialized. But one of our group wandered off into another part of the Abbey and was reading names on some of the other graves, which was how she discovered the final resting place of Osborne Peasgoode. Not sure what his claim to fame was, if he had one, but he sure had a great name.

  3. ZurichMike says:

    Don’t forget all the funny names in the novels of Charles Dickens. I just finished reading The Old Curiosity Shop, which has characters named Daniel Quilp, Richard “Dick” Swiveller, and Christopher “Kit” Nubbles.

  4. Correct answer: E. But most of the rest are formed from combinations of real people’s names, except for Rumblestrip, which is a highway lane marking device, and Tatertawts, which is just a type of food that is yummy when “Crispin.” 😉

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