Rep. Stockman Introduces “Dog Ate My Tax Receipts” Law

According to a hilarious press release on Steve Stockman’s Congressional website that I’m assuming is a joke, the following resolution has been introduced to give Americans the right to use the same flimsy excuses that the Obama Administration uses, particularly when it counts: when filling out their taxes.

“The United States was founded on the belief government is subservient and accountable to the people. Taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to follow laws the Obama administration refuses to follow themselves,” said Stockman. “Taxpayers should be allowed to offer the same flimsy, obviously made-up excuses the Obama administration uses.”

Under Stockman’s bill, “The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act,” taxpayers who do not provide documents requested by the IRS can claim one of the following reasons:

1. The dog ate my tax receipts
2. Convenient, unexplained, miscellaneous computer malfunction
3. Traded documents for five terrorists
4. Burned for warmth while lost in the Yukon
5. Left on table in Hillary’s Book Room
6. Received water damage in the trunk of Ted Kennedy’s car
7. Forgot in gun case sold to Mexican drug lords
8. Forced to recycle by municipal Green Czar
9. Was short on toilet paper while camping
10. At this point, what difference does it make?

Stockman’s bill comes a week after the IRS refused to turn over to House investigators emails from former Exempt Organizations Divison director Lois Lerner that would implicate agency personnel in illegal targeting of citizens critical of President Barack Obama.

Hat tip: Poor Richard’s News.



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6 Responses to Rep. Stockman Introduces “Dog Ate My Tax Receipts” Law

  1. zmalfoy says:

    #3 Had me cackling like a witch!


    • Hehe! I lost it with “water damage in trunk of Ted Kennedy’s car.”

    • freedom1781 says:

      Hey, Zoph! I have a few questions about visiting D.C, and would like some info from a resident so that I don’t look like a complete touron. We’re planning a trip but don’t know if a summer or winter trip would be better.

      • zmalfoy says:

        Well. . . fewer tourists in the winter. It’s generally chilly, tends toward damp. Though that really depends on the year (this winter was unusually cold, and long). Summer is hot, and humid. (Generally not as bad as, say, New Orleans, but *almost*).

        The real ideal times to visit are spring (when the cherry blossoms are blooming) or autumn (when the maples looks like large flames). Weather in those seasons is mild, drier, and with a nice breeze. . . But then, cherry blossom season is when we’re most packed.

        If you come in the summer, try to come around July 4th. The weather is terrible, generally, as it’s usually blazing hot and the humidity is at swamp levels– but there’s some great festivities around that time. . .

        Hotels are expensive. Depending on where you want to go, you’ll probably want to use the Metro to get around, as the DC City Council is doing everything it can to make driving a car in the district impossible. (And parking is terrible, unless you know in advance where you can park).

        Do you know where you need/ want to go while here?

        • freedom1781 says:

          We’re totally used to the heat & humidity, so that’s not a problem, we were just wondering about the crowds. I avoid places around my neck of the woods during the summer ’cause it’s always packed—everywhere! July 4th at Colonial Williamsburg or at Yorktown is awesome, but unbelievably crowded and I’m claustrophobic…and tourists drive me crazy, especially tourists who don’t know how to drive and don’t know how to PULL OVER to figure out where they should be going….!!!

          My daughter’s birthday is during the summer and in between VBS and summer camps, we’re planning on actually going somewhere instead of taking our little day trips that we always do. We went to Charlottesville last week to visit Monticello, which was a big hit with her; she still talks about it. We’re thinking about visiting Mount Vernon since she learned about George Washington in school. Hubby also wants to go to DC to visit the National Museum of Natural History or the National Zoo. (We can’t decide which one.) We would definitely be staying at a hotel. You’re right about the hotels, sheesh, I thought Charlottesville was bad… What part of DC should we avoid? How much does it cost to use the Metro? It’s been such a long time since I used public transportation.


    Why is it that if you are pro marraige that makes you far right? Hummmm I guess it’s just the bulies name calling again. Oh and isn’t it the same kind of group that started the “stop bullying” program?? Oh but it is okay for them to do it just not us.
    And what is up with the “Liberal” PC church? Guess they are in with the rest of worldy wise ones and have forgotten their God! Not such a wise move if you are into that sort of Wisedom!

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