The Indonesia Connection

BHOSrOne of the interesting features in the international sport called “Guessing Obama’s Real Past” is the ethnic elephant in the room.  Few people want to discuss it openly.  It’s one thing to question his paternity, as many have, but it’s quite another to question his ethnicity.  The racial overtones seem to keep people from commenting much on it, but the fact remains that Barack H. Obama simply doesn’t look like he has much African heritage.  This represents, to me, one of the most obvious stumbling blocks to believing anything about Barack Obama’s origin narrative.

BANUROJA-4Seriously, look at the man President Obama is named after, BHO, Sr., pictured above.  He was a very handsome Kenyan with fairly typical southeast African features.  Look at anyone in his family, or anyone from sub-Saharan Africa, really.  Does BHO, Jr. resemble any of them?  Not really.  You know who he does resemble quite closely?  Ethnic Indonesians, particularly from the island of Java.

Look at the gentleman to the right.  Do you recognize him?  Neither do I.  He’s just some random anonymous guy whose photo I pulled off Google Images, searching for ethnic Indonesians.  I don’t even know which island he’s from.  But look at his facial features, his mouth, especially his lips, which tend to be a little bluish or purplish.  Does that sound familiar?

This has always troubled me.  Except for his hair, which is characteristically African, Obama looks very southeast asian.  How can this be?  He certainly spent a lot of time growing up in Indonesia, but there’s been no evidence that he was actually related to anybody from that part of the world, … until now.  Let me explain.

bapak2The blogger, The Conservative Wife wrote a fascinating article back in February about the strange coincidence that Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and the recently deceased Hawaiian official connected to the Obama birth certificate verification, Loretta Fuddy, had belonged to the same Indonesian cult.  That coincidence gets a lot more interesting when one discovers more about the spiritual leader behind that cult, an Indonesian man named Mohammed Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, who is pictured at left.  He has several “spiritual” names, but he is also referred to as Subud (pronounced Soo-Bood) which is also the name of the cult he founded.

It turns out that Subud, himself, came to the United States in 1958 and had some association with both Stanley Ann and Loretta just prior to Barack’s birth in 1961.  That association appears to have been substantial enough to influence Ms. Dunham into having close associations with other Indonesian nationals, like Lolo Soetoro, whom she married in 1965, later moving with him to Indonesia.

BirtherReportDotCom - AdrienNash Image 1Despite the fact of this association and the strangely unexplainable facial similarity between Barack and Subud, illustrated in the comparison at right (from Conservative Wife), Subud does not appear in the official Barack Obama narrative.  He does show up in  Janny Scott’s book, A singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother.

A number of writers have suggested that BHO, Sr. is not the President’s real father, and many have suggested Frank Marshall Davis as a candidate.  But is it possible that there’s another more likely paternity story?  An Indonesian connection?  If so, it is just another of many ways in which Barack Obama is not the man he says he is.

UPDATE:  See WPOTUS’s Those Lying Blue Lips from several years ago.


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38 Responses to The Indonesia Connection

  1. Knight4GFC says:

    Very interesting and compelling but… mm… well… he’s still in office darnit.

    • Tell me about it. 😀

      • Hey Grunt…. Nice work…and it’s funny you bring up the hair. That is the one thing that gets me…it just doesn’t add up with everything else. Every other feature matches Indonesian…except the hair. I have been digging around because I am starting to think that perhaps old Stanley Ann wasn’t even his momma…she sure had no problem leaving him with her parents, but she kept Maya with her. It’s easy to abandon a kid when they aren’t yours… Whoever his egg and sperm donors are….I just want him gone….

        • Thanks! In light of that MI6 agent who publicly stated that the CIA had done a DNA test and were convinced that Barry wasn’t related to Grandpa Stan or Ann, I personally think that’s the answer. There have never been photos of Stanley Ann preggers. How does anybody know she was really the mom? My wild-azz guess is that Barry was the love-child of the guru and one of his frizzy-haired groupies (maybe black – maybe not), and Annie agreed to raise him as her own. Why? Maybe there was some spiritual promise or prophesy that he was to be a great leader. Maybe it was a Communist thing that the Dunhams were involved with, and he was designated to be their golden boy sleeper. Who knows? It’s a puzzle, all right.

    • HicksterA says:

      Compelling. It would be ever so helpful if there were a forensic anthropologist, or similar, to help us gain better clarity on these features. If one were willing to do so in light of all various other oddities or events happening.
      As mentioned above certain clues hint of other genetic involvement. I’ve been wondering about the texture of skin, too. The resemblance of the way the skin folds on the face. I don’t know if that would necessarily be explained by the intermingling of, supposedly, a Caucasian mother.
      A bit of something else on all this is the peculiar death of Loretta Fuddy.

      • Absolutely right about Loretta Fuddy, who had some other “spiritual name” in the cult (Deliana). The fact that this woman, who had extraordinary connections with the Dunham/Obama family, would be involved in verifying Barack Obama’s credentials, is beyond outrageous. The fact that she’s dead now is pretty suspicious, too.

        Did you notice the other weird coincidence with her death? The Corporate safety officer on the Hawaiian airline that Fuddy was flying out of Molokai when she died, was Chuck Lanza. Adam Lanza’s dad. From Sandy Hook. [Correction: not the dad] Which was another weird incident that seemed very politically convenient for Obama, though it is shockingly difficult to figure out how they can be connected.

        • Knight4GFC says:

          Strange times we live in… strange and evil times.

        • HicksterA says:

          Eery. Too much coincidence on too many occasions of connections. Elsewhere on the net there is a hint of Dohrn/Ayers being of this same cult either directly or loosely associated. Most peculiar.
          Of the Lanza fellow? Wasn’t Adam’s Dads name Peter? Nevertheless, Lanza can’t be a widely common American name.

  2. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

    Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia.

    Obama’s book, when published in Indonesia, was given a title which translates to:

    “Assault Hope: From Jakarta to the White House”

    • HicksterA says:

      Being aware of the title reality is enough to convince me, right there, that just about anything of this potus portrayed to the American public is a double. Always a cover-up!

  3. What A Hoot says:

    About the hair; There are darker natives in Papua New Guinea, like this fellow

    BUT they still have those “lying blue lips” ( and more within here more and if use the search bar will get lots on blue lips and ethnicity)

    • Is that why you said once that he’s “not African?” Were you referring to the SE Asia background?

      I get it now. Thanks for linking to the WTPOTUS article from 2010. I wasn’t aware of that. Good piece by Bridgette. The only thing I don’t get is the confusion of “Equatorial Guinea” with PNG. Equatorial Guinea is in Africa in the Eastern Congo region. That has to be what that report was specifying and not Papua/New Guinea. As far as I can tell, there are 3 different “Guinea” countries around the world. Was Bridgette confusing EG with PNG? Or assuming the report confused the two?

      Thanks for the photo! The hair is right for sure!

      • What A Hoot says:

        Oh, There is an actual Hawai in a some offshoot of Indonesia and is on maps. I have been trying to find where in wtpotus and elsewhere I saw it and it was verified; was in Wiki even. Now, can’t find even in every combo of google search and it is driving me nuts. In my hunt (I think I may have the spelling off or something) I ended up at google maps.

        • What A Hoot says:

          Found it! Miri says, “WAH, here’s where I posted the map of the island of Huwai:
          I do think he very much resembles the darker people from Ambon. Ambonese, iow. It’s what his classmates thought he was, that or Irian Jayan.”

          • What A Hoot says:

            Here is the pic of map of Huwai in Indonesia. Yep. I thought was with the link above, and it is, but have to scroll through comments to see it.
            Interestingly a lot of articles in journals and books are authored by University of Hawaii USA that are about these islands and this area. Lots of anthropology stuff and living amongst them etc., The point is this Huwai IS known to Hawaiians, particularly the academia and political elite and yet never once a word. I don’t think Obama lies. He tells the truth but his meaning is different than ours for the words. So when he says, “I was born in (Soundex) Hawaii,” he could be telling the truth but his HI is not our HI. He does this a lot. He said he was going to be the most transparent administration and when he is all we do is insist he is being secret. In his world, where America is now Islamerica he is tellling the truth with, “Middle class American will not pay more for health care.” Because to him those affected will be those that are his government’s terrorists and are against America. His meaning of America is different than ours. Thus he does not lie, technically. How secretive is it to announce you are going to fundamentally change America? How secret and non-transparent is it to say America (HIS America) needs a civilian army bigger and better than the American Military (which is not the current established military because by the time he gets where he wants to be that will be His military, the New America’s, the Islamerica’s military. No, to him the American Military will be those not on board with the Regime, those willing to fight to get our Constitutional Republic back. This is why there are so many created post traumatic stress. The conservative soldiers are being mentally destroyed on deployment. They are put in positions of having to kill without knowing who the enemy is, they can’t kill who is the enemy, and most important they are stripped of the security of someone having your back because so many in the military are now NOT liberty American. They come back mentally destroyed and who knows what psychotic drugs given without their knowledge while still in service. Then they come home, withdraw the meds and boom, mental anguish and inability to cope and jittery and skitzy. Obama is transparent when he disarms veterans of guns, and he is correct because the new government says so, that they are potential terrorists and must be disarmed. Terrorist to HIS America. Terrorist to the government that is in place. He is so transparent about this that he is placing illegal migrants, many who have been raised with killing and fighting on military bases. He calls these people he imported in “children” In the heathen world trained soldiers are as young as eight years old! He places these migrants on military bases and we accept it is to feed, clothe, and process them? To Obama “process” means train. To us, even though he just was transparent about the White House being the largest terrorist cell in the US by trading 5 terrorist from abroad for one domestic terrorist, we are still harping on Bergdahl being a trader. Shit, Obama and all of Islam already know this, show us, tell us and we give them more time to completely annihilate us by refusing to see what has happened. There was a tweet by some DHS guy about the Constitution being Sharia compliant and other stuff. Well, they say these things because they have won, they have taken over the USA, and they have instituted a new government and a new constitution. Remember, Obama was very transparent about what the new constitution is “A set of negative……..whatever” (don’t have quote right now). I have to believe the reason so many in the DC are not doing anything is because they KNOW the full scope of what has happened and KNOW that to just stop Obama stops nothing. All levels of government have been infiltrated at all the top positions, including our military. They understand The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America is at war, are the Resistance, and have to organize and strategist to TAKE BACK, not merely thwart here and thwart there. They have to find out which states are going to unite to form a new country. Thankfully we have a great blueprint to learn from. The silence of so many actually sometimes gives me hope. (Please excuse typos and not exactly ordered thoughts. Some serious vision issues and am not really suppose to even be on this computer. Hey, I will take some prayers if you all have any extra. )

        • I think that’s totally believable, Hoot. Here’s that Ambonese guy Miri was talking about…

          Hoot –
          I actually added a second part to my question above after you read it. Could you take a second look, please? I was wondering about the whole “Equatorial Guinea” question. Thanks!

    • What A Hoot says:

      Is that Michelle’s head he is carrying on his shoulder?

  4. What A Hoot says:

    Hey, here is another guy to look at. Check out the governor of Jakarta (might have to scroll up or down a tad) Read the archives on Lolo Soetoro, the adopted father and his family connections. The guy IS NOT African, Black, Negra, Kenyan, land he ain’t from the ‘hood’, either.

  5. PTbohall says:

    Obama took his whole family with him to visit “Ubud” during a royal wedding in 2017…. that’s on the Island of Bali in Indonesia. Most of the folks in the video who are “royals” look like him, but he’s much darker than any of them.

    Now, the darkness ~ these guys are long past the time where an inappropriate birth was dealt with through the murder of the innocent baby ~ so somebody ~ likely a Royal ~ got pregnant ~ by someone not quite appropriate for the local royal family, so an adoption was made through S’Ubud ~ and away the baby went to America….. likely to another member of Subud International ~ and that’d be Grandpa Dunham.

    The only fellow I saw at the wedding (in the pictures) who was dark enough to be an Obama papa was the man managing the catering. So there were very dark people in Ubud in the orbit of the local Royal family, several members of which have married white women/men or people of mixed race.

    My earlier research suggested an island off the North Coast of Bali, but with this video the evidence is quite apparent ~ Obama knows! Nobody else does.

    • Thank you for your insight and research! This whole connection with Java, Indonesia and Bali is beyond doubt, really. His connection to Africa and America has always been half-hearted and fake. Strange that no one seems to recognize the obvious, except for a few.

  6. PTbohall says: the Royal Wedding at Ubud in 2017

    Obama visited here in 2017 ~ whole family


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