Out-of-Control Hook-Up Culture Spawning Absurd Laws

And this is unexpected how?

The hook-up culture on college campuses has gotten so pervasive, and assault complaints so difficult to handle, that it’s causing a host of new laws to be proposed.  One such bill in the California legislature has been recently discussed by writers at Reason.com and the Washington Post.  If passed, it would require the application of an “affirmative consent” standard on college campuses for assault complaints involving students.

That doesn’t sound so bad, but “affirmative consent” is a rather absurd requirement that demands a verbal expression, a “yes” before any contact – kissing, for instance.  “Implied consent” would be made meaningless, legally.  If “affirmative consent” were broadened as some feminists have suggested, it could be used to prosecute assault cases between spouses in the most absurd circumstances.  And it’s all because American college students get their advice from Sandra Fluke.

The following hilarious video illustrates the direction we’re headed.  Warning for extreme sexual legalistic innuendo…


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One Response to Out-of-Control Hook-Up Culture Spawning Absurd Laws

  1. zmalfoy says:

    Dave Chapelle was on this 10 (11?) years ago (Not family safe at all):

    Keepin it real. . .

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