The Real Reason DiFi Wants to Take Your Guns

From the DC Clothesline yesterday:

U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Senator Feinstein speaks about START Treaty on Capitol Hill in WashingtonWhy does Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) seem almost obsessed with taking firearms away from you and me? What’s the reason for her to do this? To understand her thinking, we’ll have to take a trip down memory lane, and when I’m done, you’ll understand why. As I dug deep into this subject, I came to the conclusion that Feinstein has “issues” with guns… your guns.

California Democrat Senator spends most of her days in the senate thinking of new ways to get your guns away from you, that is, when she’s not using her position as a U.S. senator to increase her wealth and that of her husband. Feinstein likes to think of herself as a “gun expert.” Although she does have a Concealed Weapon Permit and has taken training classes on how to use a gun, that hardly makes her an “expert on firearms.” From a physiological standpoint, one would almost say that she is obsessed with guns (once again…YOUR guns). It all started about forty years ago.

Read more at DC Clothesline about Dianne Feinstein’s witnessing of the Harvey Milk killing.


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